Minisink Resources

Primary Web Resources

Minisink Residents for Environmental Preservation and Safety website here

Their Facebook page is here

Full Docket (all the filings) of FERC deliberations, Docket CP11-515 can be found here

The website for M.U.S.T. – Mothers United for Sustainable Technologies can be found here

The Mothers Project United for Sustainability – founded by Angela Monti Fox – is right here


The Asha Canalos website:


Story on local CBS affiliate October 4th can be seen here

Story from We are Power Shift: Standing With 9/11 First Responders In Defense of Air, Homes, and Health

Story from Eco Watch: Protests to Stop Minisink Compressor Station Continue

Hudson Valley Earth First! Occupies Millennium Pipeline’s HQ

My Post – Determined Davids Make Last Ditch Efforts to Sling Stones at Natural Gas Goliath
My Post – 9/11 – That’s Today. & The Minisink Compressor Station
My Post – Second Mt. Kisco Anti-Fracking Vigil
My Post – Anti-Fracking Vigil in Mt. Kisco Sends Message(s) to Governor Cuomo


M.U.S.T. co-founder, Tanyette Colón’s video: Episode 1: Throwing Stones At Goliath

Moms say NO! Stop Millennium from building a Compressor Station near their homes

Other Resources

Wendell Berry’s book Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community

Natural Gas

Josh Fox’s movie Gasland

Occupy Minisink’s Facebook Page is here

Trailer for Promised Land Fracking movie Starring Matt Damon and directed by Gus Van Sant can be seen here  (via Asha Canalos)

Some Interesting Twitter accounts:

StopMCS ‏ @StopMCS
Donna Biondollilo ‏ @DonnaDlb2
Shawn Cahill ‏ @ShawnCahill
Shaheen Malick ‏ @ShaheenMalick
Josh Fox @gaslandmovie
Damascus Citizens ‏ @NatGasTechNotes ‏ @stopgasdrilling

Paul Stark @PaulStark59