Another Year of Nuts & Bolts Democracy

Westchester for Change

Forty people are sitting in Ellen Deixler’s living room in Rye talking things over. No one’s talking anyone chaining themselves to heavy equipment, or trespassing on private or government property, or interfering with the flow of traffic. But there is talk about holding anti-fracking rallies, working on political campaigns, organizing educational event […]

A Taste of the Whole Dirty Big Business of Natural Gas

I went to a public meeting in Mahopac last week. Today the word “enormity” occurred to me. I’m always surprised by this word, which seems like it should mean the quality of being very big, like Jupiter. But enormity primarily means “an outrageous, improper, vicious, or immoral act.

I was thinking of “enormity” as I […]

Intro to With Their Own Hands

Working together to get the job done

On Wednesday I posted the first in my occasional series “With Their Own Hands.” Today is Friday and that means it’s time for another post.

I recently realized something. One of my themes is individuals or small groups working to make something happen so their world, and […]

A Local Currency Begins To Save a Local World

Programming note: this is the first installment in an occasional series called “With Their Own Hands.”


This is one of those stories. It’s got everything one of those stories has. It happens in an unlikely, out of the way place. It’s about people coming together in common cause for their own lives and their […]