Birthday Trip to Maine

Tower atop Mt. Battie

[I’ve worked harder on this piece of writing than I have on any piece of writing in decades. I’m really glad for it. Since you’re undoubtedly going through your own stories, and your own transitions, and you’re caught up in the dynamics of your family of origin, your family of […]

Determined Davids Make Last Ditch Efforts to Sling Stones at Natural Gas Goliath

Volunteer firefighters survey aftermath of massive compressor station explosion and fire in Artemas, PA

In a classic story of regular people standing up to the powers-that-be, the grassroots organizations opposing the construction of a compressor station for a natural gas pipeline in the small town of Minisink, NY are hoping dawn is on the […]

9/11 – That’s Today. & The Minisink Compressor Station

Natural Gas Pipeline from StopMCS

Today’s the 11th anniversary of “the day that changed everything,” September 11th, 2001. I remember where I was on that day, where my wife and children were. I remember news and official information about using plastic sheeting and duct tape to protect myself and my family from a gas […]

Second Mt. Kisco Anti-Fracking Vigil

Fracking Opponents, photo by Susan Van Dolsen

Concerned citizens and activists gathered on September 5th under threatening skies to once again make the case against fracking and to attempt to influence the governor of New York to take a nationally and internationally significant stand against the controversial method of natural gas extraction called fracking.


Anti-Fracking Vigil in Mt. Kisco Sends Message(s) to Governor Cuomo

Protestors sending out their messages

Close to a hundred well-behaved protestors rallied against fracking Wednesday evening at the Mt. Kisco, NY Village Hall. In a solemn and peaceful hour repeated calls were made on Governor Andrew Cuomo to ban fracking in New York state. The event was organized by Suzannah Glidden, Vitalah Simon and […]

Liner Notes for Neil Alexander’s “Darn that Dream”

Neil Alexander's Darn that Dream

[I recently finished writing liner notes for Neil’s (very) long-awaited CD. As I said recently (“Hi Everyone! #24 — Time to Get Serious 2” ) “Working on my friend Neil’s liner notes, I realized how much I believe in his Musician’s Tale. And remembered how much I like writing […]

Nearly-Live Blog of a Sunday Afternoon Recital [UPDATED]

Performance is Performance

[My but we’re generating front matter. Mrs. Stark was concerned about this because a less-than-flattering remark can have an effect on a child’s creative future, and a recital should be a safe environment not open to (whether fully snarky or not) criticism like some critic. While I objected on the grounds […]