The Search for Hannah Rose Continues

Hannah Rose Bixler, last seen in Bloomington, Indiana April 13th

I just heard from someone in Bloomington who wants to help get the word out! I whipped some quick 1/4 page flyers and I’m sending them along. If you know anyone in Bloomington, please send them this link:

You can see the PDF here


Just Created Facebook Page Find Hannah Rose Bixler

My cousin Diane’s youngest daughter Hannah Rose has been missing for the last 12 days. She was last seen in an emergency room in Bloomington Indiana. If anyone can do anything to help, please do. If you have any creative ideas about what to do next, or you’ve worked on a project like this, please […]

Anyone have a pro democracy documentary to recommend?

Still some work left to be done …

As part of my work with the Ossining Documentary and Discussion Series I’m coming up with suggestions for our September documentary in honor of Constitution Day. I’m figuring a lot of people out in my network will have some good ideas. My favorite would be a documentary […]

Lots of pretty good furniture for FREE

We moved out, but we couldn’t take all our furniture with us, so we’re giving it away. We’d love it to go to some worthy cause, a non-profit community clubhouse or the like, but if you’d like it for your house or apartment or dorm room, that’s cool too.

You’d have to come get it […]

My First Year Online. Now, I know what to do.

Work with Care

Today’s my one year anniversary of being on line with I’ve had a couple big blogging days (165 visitors. Big for me). I’ve been consistently Tweeting. Lately I’ve been concentrating on my freelance business. And that’s going well.

Last week I finished a big push of simultaneous deadlines and had […]

Top Eleven Reasons to get it together for Westchester’s support of Occupy Sandy’s Holiday Festivity & Potluck on Christmas Eve

The Occupy Sandy Relief Symbol

Chances are good your memories of Superstorm Sandy have faded and your life is probably pretty much back in its pre-Sandy groove. Unless you’re one of the people whose lives were fundamentally changed by the storm. I jumped in to help with the Westchester County Thanksgiving dinner for Sandy […]

Aspie Adam Lanza? Aspergers, the killings in Sandy Hook, and living together as humans

Adam Lanza in middle school

The killings in Connecticut had a profound effect on me. I couldn’t manage to do much of anything on Saturday, but I talked to my wife and friends, went to church on Sunday and I started feeling better. The other recent mass killings didn’t affect me so deeply, not […]

Homemade Thanksgiving as Hurricane Relief: Let’s Take It Viral!

This is how you'll know you've arrived once you're on Pond Hill Road in Chappaqua


Wednesday 7:30 PM

Exciting mobilizing fellow Northern Westchesterites to pitch in. I got good responses from a lot of good people. You can still get in on the action. Dr. Susan Rubin is taking donations tonight and also […]

Hurricane Sandy Storm Diary

10/29/2012 3:46 PM

The Hudson River jumps its banks in Irvington

First power glitch, serious enough to reboot the computer (but I had everything saved just like the well-behaved ex-IT guy I am. The kids are back safe and sound with coffee and chocolate. Starbucks and Tazza closed, but the A&P still open, and we […]

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

[Editorial Note can be found at end of article]

Earlier March in Minisink

The March

First, we hear them – air horns and drums, then bullhorns, then chanting voices. The first thing we see is four marching boys. They’re maybe happy and excited and chanting “This is what democracy looks like.” I’ve just met […]