NW4BT — # 1 – When Will This Day in Civil Rights Happen?

Fight Today

One of the things I’ll be posting about as time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’ into the fu-ture is the organization I started called Northern Westchester for a Better Tomorrow. I’m not able to devote any significant time to it now, but I want to keep the ideas out there circulating […]

Making it Happen: Eating Together for a Better Tomorrow.


Every other week some people will eat good, healthy food together in a place.

Every other week [on Wednesdays?] some people [a core group plus different one-time or occasional visitors each time] will eat good, healthy [organic, local?] food together in a place. [the same place each time, a free place, with air […]

Readers and Writers for a Better Tomorrow

We’re gonna start meeting like every other week for a couple hours somewhere nice in Northern Westchester to talk about what we’ve been reading and writing and we Want You To Join US!

For reasons embedded in a long story, I found myself with a library conference room reserved every other Thursday starting the […]

Teachers for a Better Tomorrow

Over Under Through

End of last week, just before Ossining High School’s graduation, all my unfulfilled homeschooling dreams came flooding back. As of Saturday, the twins are finished with OHS, and I never did do homeschooling the way I knew it could be done for them or for others.

This is a project of Northern […]

Pete Seeger for a Better Tomorrow

Pete Seeger performing in the 50s

I recently attended the first anniversary of the Ossining Documentary & Discussion Series (on the web: here, FB: here) and watched Pete Seeger: The Power of Song (watch the documentary: here, Pete Seeger on FB: here). The ODDS has been doing great work in Ossining. I’m happy to know […]

Don’t Blame It! Reframe It!

In case you haven’t signed up for the Planetary Emergency! Potluck, you can do it now by clicking here.

The balls go where you throw them

I’ve been working on the Planetary Emergency! Potluck for months. It’s not going according to plan. I didn’t do things I knew I had to do when I knew […]

I’m Working to Gather Our Tribe

There’s an event, the Planetary Emergency! Potluck. Share, send links out to your social media and your groups. Here’s the Event Page. The Event is being organized by Northern Westchester for a Better Tomorrow, Learn more here. We’re in a hurry. I really need a lot of help as soon as possible. Learn more at […]