My Peekskill — # 24 Creative People for a Better Tomorrow

Can We Talk?

Make Art!

There’s a creative people salon in Peekskill every first Monday. I didn’t know but now I do. I went this week and I’m glad I did. It was two hours of good people doing good work. The recent election has focused a lot of good people’s attention on what […]

My Peekskill — # 23 The Peekskill Democrats’ Spring Fling, starring Darren Rigger

Darren’s last day at City Hall

If you haven’t heard, the Peekskill Democratic City Committee is throwing a big party. It’s called the Spring Fling and it’ll happen on May 14th – Find out all about it here (

Anyone who’s anyone, or hoping to be, among Westchester Democrats will be there, along with […]

My Peekskill — # 22 The Guardians of our Only Earth Offer a Better Future and Free Ice Cream! Show Up!

Show up Wednesday April 20th (Tomorrow! Today!) at 7:00 PM at the Black Cow in Croton. There will be free Blue Pig ice cream. And refreshments.

The Facebook Event is here. Invite the young people you know. Invite people you know who know young people. Up in the upper right, under the […]

My Peekskill — # 21 Amazing! You Could Be in a Play: A Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival Play, OR a play Right Here in Peekskill.

Something amazing is happening in our stretch of the Hudson Valley. If you haven’t heard, it’s good I got to you in time.

If you’re going to get in on it, this Saturday, April 2nd, is your last chance in Peekskill.

It’s been exactly two years since it was announced that Davis McCallum […]

My Peekskill — # 20 – A Partial Pipeline Victory

Every victory is a partial victory.

There are people who have natural strengths that help them succeed in politics. Like being able to make an instant human-to-human connection with just about anyone. Call it charisma, call it the common touch. Call it something I don’t got.

That human strength is just about at the […]

My Peekskill — # 19 – An Extra-Large Thank You to the Peekskill Common Council

The Common Council has taken, once again, a stand for the rights and safety of Peekskillians and 20 million others. Monday night they passed a resolution calling for “a comprehensive, independent and transparent risk assessment of a potential rupture of a 42-inch diameter high-pressure pipeline in close proximity to Indian Point Nuclear Facility”

We […]

My Peekskill — # 18 – Feels Good to Help

I like transformation. I like thinking about it. I like liking it. I like working for it. Transform the system and its consequences will cease. At least some of them.

I don’t much get involved with symptoms. Christmas Eve 2012 my son Michael and I took food to people displaced by Superstorm Sandy. But […]

My Peekskill — # 17 – Wherein the City and I Stand Shoulder to Shoulder Against Spectra

My testimony at last night’s Common Council meeting got an unexpectedly positive and enthusiastic response. And, between you and me, the positive feedback felt pretty darn good.

Four of my pipeline opposition colleagues also gave testimony.(1) Some Peekskill homeowners received notices from Spectra about Spectra’s plan to explode some explosives near people’s homes. It […]

My Peekskill — # 16 – Peekskill Steps Into New Territory. One Person at a Time.

Great to be back on the My Peekskill beat. Missed you all. I went a little underground for a time to see if I could help shape the pipeline opposition’s message and outreach to Peekskill and Westchester County. I’m back, picking up more or less where I left off. (Pro tip: look for me […]

My Peekskill — # 15 – 90-Second Photo Essay on this Morning’s Direct Pipeline Action

Being with a bunch of people, being one of the people, to stand up and say “NO” to one tiny part of what’s gone wrong — brings a purity of pleasure unlike any other. The “NO” is obvious, but there’s also a “YES.” Yes to sane energy, yes to piecing together an idealistic community, […]