Another Little House on the Planet (LHOP) Scene

[if you don’t know what LHOP is, or who “Nationwide” Ned and Lucille are, look at the end of the post – it’s all explained!]

Look at the DemEntors!

A scene between “Nationwide” Ned and Lucille, Hostess with a heart of gold. He’s early for the weekly Solidarity Salon.

(Crowd sounds, band doing […]

Chris reports real events for a fictional show …

Beyond Vietnam: A Time To Break Silence

Our Better Future (here ( recently hosted the first annual “Celebrate MLK’s Beyond Vietnam & Gather Our Tribe” (here (, and has been producing the podcast Little House on the Planet (LHOP) (here ( since the beginning of the year.

LHOP tells stories of activated citizens […]

People Like It When Someone Tells The Real, Actual Truth

At the Little House on the Planet Development Party last week we worked on using comedy to tell the truth. Lord knows, there’s plenty of difficult truths these days. Some ways the truth has been told are deeply beloved. People return to them again and again as a kind of talisman, an article of […]

Baby’s First Steps

I had a transcendent experience Friday night. I’ve been working on a podcast called “Little House on the Planet.” It tells intertwined stories of engaged citizens in a place just like Northern Westchester. Some extraordinary people are working on it, and some of us met on Friday to develop characters and stories, and actually […]