Hi Everyone! #81 — Who’s up for Hair 2?

Writers Gerome Ragni, Galt Macdermot, and James Rado the creative engine behind 1968’s Hair

I saw Horace Greeley High’s production of Hair on Saturday. I love the show, loved the production, and everyone did a fantastic job. I think it was a courageous choice. A young man I’ve watched grow up for years played the […]

Hi Everyone! #80 — #WhatToAskTheSurgeonGeneral

Flash campaign! Let’s collect tweets from our issue-neighborhoods at the #WhatToAskTheSurgeonGeneral tag, add some there, go there are tweet them yourselves. It’s easy and fun! Until 2:30 today.

Here’s some.

NOTE: use the . before the @Surgeon_General and your followers can see it, not just the Surgeon General

.@Surgeon_General Burns & STDs to cancer […]

Hi Everyone! #79 — Meet Kim and Tom

Just a quick note:

Everyone should know about these two, and they should know about each other. Kim Fraczek is a Radical Visual Artist for Peoples Puppets of Wall Street and Coordinator at Sane Energy Project and works with Beyond Extreme Energy. Thomas Bregman is Director at Energize New York and a former Billionaire at […]

Hi Everyone! #78 —Fun, Creative, and Nonviolent Arts and Crafts

In preparation for the tomorrow’s DEC hearing in Brewster, Dr. Susan Rubin (FB) and I made speech bubbles highlighting the toxins released into the air by natural gas infrastructure. They came out pretty well. Here’s the three that I finished up at my house today.

You should totally come by to the hearing so […]

Hi Everyone! #77 — Intro to Grace Lee Boggs

Grace Lee and James Boggs

I didn’t find out about Grace Lee Boggs until last week. I found not having heard of her before quite instructive. She’s 99 years old and she’s been active in every social movement from 1940 until today. She’s central to the efforts to turn Detroit into a brand new kind […]

Hi Everyone! #76 — Baby Advocacy Steps

I took a step forward in advocacy on Sunday. I went into Little Joe’s Books in Katonah and asked the charming and self-possessed young woman I found there if she carried Governor Andrew Cuomo’s memoir. She said she didn’t. I mentioned that it had only sold 945 copies the first weekend. We both thought those […]

Hi Everyone! #75 — We’ll Gather Round the Fire & Sing Our Songs

Dark and Stormy …

We threw a party Friday night. We invited our old friends, plus new friends I’ve met in my travels through Northern Westchester’s environmental and political spheres. It was a good party, and everyone had a really good time.

I’ve been meeting people who are standing in opposition to one or more […]

Hi Everyone! #74 — All is Not Lost! Hope Springs.

Heather Flournoy wants things to be just right. The library lets her use their popper to pop her organic and GMO-free popcorn, and she’s put together a nice setup for tea. Everything looks good. Despite the brutally cold polar vortex night outside, her event has drawn a pretty good crowd.

Heather’s been organizing Katonah […]

Hi Everyone! #73 — Insisting on Changing History

Not giving up …

In my last post I talked about how, during my lunch with Kevin, I felt briefly overwhelmed. That I, and possibly we, revolved for a time in a dreadful aura of foregone inevitability.

Such moments are vertiginous. They’re brought on by considering the scale of what needs to be done: for […]

Hi Everyone! #72 — Changing Planetary History

I skipped Wednesday’s post because it was Christmas. I was trying to get Friday together and stopped at 1,500 words. It’s only supposed to be 500 words or so and isn’t nearly done. I stopped working on that, and started with this, so I can put up for Friday on Saturday.

3 things: […]