Hi Everyone! #91 — The Rift I’m Counting On

Seth Godin

I’m reading Seth Godin’s “Small is the New Big: and 183 other riffs, rants, and remarkable business ideas” ( Because he is brilliant about how to create things in the real world that fundamentally depend on capturing the attention and imagination of groups of people. Which is what I’m doing. […]

Hi Everyone! #90 — Go See The Book of Will

The First Folio

I spent a moving evening in the theater this week attending the opening night of Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival’s crowd-pleasing production of The Book of Will. ( You should, without delay, make plans attend a performance yourself. (I’ll tell you why it’s worth the price of admission soon. I’ll tell you […]

Hi Everyone! #89 — There Should Be Less Cheating …

Political Mentors

My Mom gave me my early political education: It’s good to sing songs; Be skeptical of what they’re saying; Power doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Here’s a couple Chad Mitchell Trio songs I learned at her knee. They’re catchy and fun and easy to remember even decades later. John […]

Hi Everyone! #88 — Sophia and Wayne

Sophia Wilansky

It takes a second. To realize what you’re seeing is the bone of her left forearm, showing, exposed to the air.

What goes through the mind and heart of a man who holds an explosive device with a seven second fuse for five seconds then throws it at a 21-year-old woman? It’s difficult […]

Hi Everyone! #87 — An Engine for Transformation

Fight Today!

I believe in Northern Westchester. I do. There aren’t many places on the planet where the qualities needed for transformation are found in such abundance: material security, education, health, skills, experience, connections, emotional intelligence.

There’s a lot of people whose hearts are in the right place. People are feeling the right things. […]

Hi Everyone! #86 — Here’s the Good Thing Though

Joanna Macy, Rebecca Solnit, Grace Lee Boggs

Here’s the good thing, though. I know it’s all scary and depressing and the neo-liberal criminal and the neo-fascist criminal and everything. But after all these years, I’ve grown weary of the whole “I apologize to the world for the crimes of my government — cut off […]

Hi Everyone! #85 — My Ten Minute Play about a Sad Event in Peekskill

I just finished a 10 minute play about a young woman who dies of an overdose. I’d love for you to read it. Despite its upsetting premise, it’s a positive and upbeat piece. And it’s very short. Check it out here. Stay tuned, I’m trying to organize a reading.

It was a shocking event for […]

I Told You So, Floods, Adam McKay, and Climate Change

Four parts:

Floods in West Virginia

One: I heard about floods. Over the weekend. Every summer, people I know volunteer in Appalachia. They do carpentry and construction, to make people’s houses “Warmer, Safer, Drier.” All year: pizza meetings, car washes, then they take their tools and head down to West Virginia.

This summer though, […]

Hi Everyone! #84 — Where There’s Hope …

The Revolution will not be animated …

I’ve been having a lot of conversations lately about Bernie and the future of the movement. What does it mean, this tremendous outpouring of excitement and political work by people who haven’t done anything political before? Things have gotten to a certain point. It’s clear to more and […]

Hi Everyone! #83 — Human Hospitality

Food and Shelter. photo: Melissa Boyer

You’ve still got a chance to get in on my very first fundraising campaign. You can help pay for discounted restaurant food for some local homeless people.(

What I really like is people working together for something they believe in from intention and love. I’m realizing that more […]