Life So Far: You Could Win One of Three Oral History Packages

The big news: I’m giving away three complete oral history packages that would usually cost $250 each. Send me, before Wednesday December 9th, 50 words on why you’d like an oral history for yourself or a loved one. You could be a winner.

Earlier this year I had a very good idea. About a […]

My Freelance Business is Up and Running

My Card

Paying some bills … by writing!

Here it is. Short and sweet. I’m dedicating most of myself, for now, to making money as a freelance writer. Everything else has moved down a notch.

I will make Northern Westchester for a Better Tomorrow work. The Advice Tour was a huge and very heartening success. […]

Freelance Guy – What a Difference 38 Days Can Make

Freelance monk writing

Freelance Guy’s come around again in the 19-topic rotation. His installment today is about what a difference 38 days is going to make (when he appears again, 19 topics 1 every other day = 38 days). If all goes well, we’ll get a report on September 6th filled with news of […]

First From Freelance Guy

So, I’m going to, as an experiment, go through my list of 19 topics, write for 20 minutes on whatever’s on the top of the list, create each one as a category, and post the result a blog entry. Today it’s Freelance Guy. I’m hoping that I’ll start to find an audience by continuing with […]