Why I’m Voting for Robin Laverne Wilson and You Should, Too

Here’s Robin!

Robin Laverne Wilson is the Green Party’s candidate for New York’s Senate seat. She’s running against Chuck Schumer. I’m voting for her. You should, too. Especially if you oppose the pipeline, but also if you value our political future.

Chuck Schumer will win. Robin Laverne Wilson will not win. Voting for her as […]

Building a Better Tomorrow #7 — Here We Go!

What the world needs now? I’ve worked on that question for 40 years and now I’ve come up with some answers. Step two: Making the answers happen.

It’s simple, really. The world needs people, lots of people, soon, working together in new ways for healing and transformation in order to live in the […]

Building a Better Tomorrow #6 — Advice Tour Week 2 & 3 Meetings

I am so grateful to everyone who met with me, and I have a much clearer understanding of how to proceed than I would have without their generosity. I’ve left a couple people anonymous because I didn’t get permission to write about them.

The fight for peace and justice continues

Nada Khader Nada Khader, […]

Building a Better Tomorrow #5 — Advice Tour Week 3

And such an Advice Tour. I’ve had 10 meetings since my last update, and I’ve gotten so much valuable advice my head is literally spinning. Okay, my head is figuratively spinning. And every person has given me advice I’m planning to use. Which is pretty cool. I’ve got people down in the City and up […]

Building a Better Tomorrow #4 — Advice Tour Week 2 Part 1

That Way!

The Advice Tour has put its 2nd week to bed. And what a week it was. 7 meetings since the last report. I’m toppling with gratitude for each & every one. Thought provoking, valuable.

What? What do you do?

The plan that seemed so bullet-proof no longer seems that way. That’s what […]

Building a Better Tomorrow #3 — Taking the Emotional Challenge

for sure

So. Here’s one way of putting it:

I think I’m having feelings about a realization about the amount of emotional work and stamina involved in committing myself to a life / career that’s about dealing with messed up shit and trying to make it better.

That’s not how I’d put it in […]

Building a Better Tomorrow #2 — The Tour Begins

My advisors don’t look much like these people …

… or these people

The Advice Tour is well begun. Four meetings so far. I’ll tell you one thing: I know some smart people. People who have their wits about them and their hearts in the right place.

It feels good to bring together the […]

Building a Better Tomorrow #1 — The Advice Tour

Starting up. 5 years. See the brochure Here

The Advice Tour has begun! If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry. I’ll explain.

I’ve been working hard for the last 5 years.

I learned, met people, witnessed people working hard for transformation and wrote about them. I created a theatrical performance about climate […]