Look, It’s Election Day!

People lining up to vote early in Columbus, Ohio yesterday – Slate Magazine

When I first started to understand the two party system I felt a natural affinity with the more progressive party, the party of civil rights, the party of ending the war. But, except for the segregationists, who seemed a sort of […]

Second From Anti-Corruption Guy

All that is old is new again …

Today is an even numbered day, and today is Anti-Corruption Guy.

And, unending patience is at last rewarded, we have now made it through the 19-topic rotation one time! [took 90 days but hey, it’s a process!]

So, voter fraud, Jimmy Crow, (the latest Doonsebury series, […]

First From Anti-Corruption Guy

It’s just that being against corruption leads one almost immediately to a stymied and overwhelmed state of just forget it. It’s spinning in a tub of rotting food with blaring noise in a cold sweat while trying to write a sonnet. Honestly. So from this morning. There’s this emergency manager law in Michigan that […]