Top Eleven Reasons to get it together for Westchester’s support of Occupy Sandy’s Holiday Festivity & Potluck on Christmas Eve

The Occupy Sandy Relief Symbol

The Occupy Sandy Relief Symbol

Chances are good your memories of Superstorm Sandy have faded and your life is probably pretty much back in its pre-Sandy groove. Unless you’re one of the people whose lives were fundamentally changed by the storm. I jumped in to help with the Westchester County Thanksgiving dinner for Sandy effort, and I’m glad I did.

I’m collecting food & presents, maybe other items, and driving down there on Christmas Eve. My family and I are going. Maybe other people would like to drive or help out. If participating on Christmas Eve isn’t in the cards for you, you can donate, help spread the word, accept donations or find a place that will, or help in other ways I haven’t thought of. Plus, Performers! Put together a little something for the variety show!

Find out more! Visit my brand new page for Occupy Sandy Christmas Eve Day! Right here! VISIT my Occupy Sandy Christmas Eve Day Page for the latest updates!

Contact me or watch this space for further news.

11. We need all the encouragement we can get to finish our Christmas preparations before Christmas Eve

10. Superstorm Sandy provides the best opportunity yet to make climate change a crossover hit

9. There but for the grace of [God / Fate / Chance] go I

8. We are encouraged by the founder of the Christian religion (His Birthday, don’t forget) to feed, clothe and visit those who need feeding, clothing and visiting

Christmas Bunnies & Snowy Night

Christmas Bunnies & Snowy Night

7. Our stunned thankfulness at not having life on earth wiped out on 12/21/12 will by the 25th need an active outlet

6. We have more than we need, so making these kinds of effort is the right thing to do

5. It’s good for the kids to see us doing the right thing

4. Taking in new impressions is a tonic to the deepest parts of ourselves. Witnessing people dealing with unusual and powerful events is particularly enlivening

3. Deep down we know that we’ve gone along with a fair amount of unfortunate nonsense about what to do about the Christmas season.

2. Look what’s on the schedule: Monday, December 24th Holiday Festivity & Potluck at Beach 33rd St: We’ll need volunteers to give out toys for kids and to serve food. We’re also putting together a variety show for everybody. Music, theatre, circus whatever!

1. Fellow human beings have been suffering and could use some holiday cheer

3 comments to Top Eleven Reasons to get it together for Westchester’s support of Occupy Sandy’s Holiday Festivity & Potluck on Christmas Eve

  • michael amendolara

    Paul, send me your address and count on me for 100.00 to spend anyway you deem best. Thanks, Michael Amendolara

    • admin


      Thanks so much. I’ve had facebook for a long time, but hardly ever use it. Since we’ve found each other I’ve noticed a lot of intelligent and inspiring posts from you. Way to go. How’s your life been going since last we met? I’d like to give you credit on the website for your contribution. Your whole name, Michael A., Anonymous, whatever you want. Let me hear from you.


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