My First Year Online. Now, I know what to do.


Work with Care

Today’s my one year anniversary of being on line with I’ve had a couple big blogging days (165 visitors. Big for me). I’ve been consistently Tweeting. Lately I’ve been concentrating on my freelance business. And that’s going well.

Last week I finished a big push of simultaneous deadlines and had a little down time. But I was feeling poorly. Early this week I was in the emergency room with a COPD exacerbation. Which means, it gradually gets harder and harder to breath until getting to a hospital is the only choice. It happened once before, maybe four years ago. My COPD doesn’t usually slow me up much, just gotta lean on something after climbing stairs. I’ve got medication and I’ve started eating better and exercising. So this week has been mostly a week to take it easy and recover.

Now it’s Friday morning, early. I woke up at three in an excited state. I toss and think, try to go back to sleep. Then finally get up and start typing. I miss these states. They’re some of the times I feel most myself.

I know what to do now, and how to do it. So much of what I’ve done, half instinctively and half with plans that haven’t quite worked out, is coming together now and can be used.

It’s local. It’s global. It involves a lot of the people I’ve been making tentative relationships with in the last year. It involves comedy. It involves democracy. It involves global citizenship. It involves Generation Jones, those of us who wanted to be part of something real and good and never found it. It involves taking a sober look at all the actual existential threats we’re facing and “dedicating ourselves to the great task remaining before us.”

And it involves rewards and fun and parties and good times and optimism and working together and seeing something come into existence for ourselves and what we really want and need. And I’m pretty sure I’ve found a way to take a solid step toward that.

Sometimes during the last year writing 500 words on a salt-free diet or the Boeing 787 didn’t seem like it would lead to anything. Luckily I wrote affirmations at the beginning of the year. One that kept me going: “Everything will come together and nothing vital will be left out.”

There’s a big list of what’s vital according to me, and it’s going to be a lot of work and it’s my intention to make everything come together and make sure nothing vital is left out. And it’s all work I want to do.

And so, happy birthday to the new me. And, as Rachel’s been saying lately, watch this space.

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