Hurricane Sandy Storm Diary


10/29/2012 3:46 PM

The Hudson River jumps its banks in Irvington

The Hudson River jumps its banks in Irvington

First power glitch, serious enough to reboot the computer (but I had everything saved just like the well-behaved ex-IT guy I am. The kids are back safe and sound with coffee and chocolate. Starbucks and Tazza closed, but the A&P still open, and we suspect Rocky’s never closes, ever. Now – popcorn and Captain America on the DVD. We’re enjoying our electricity while we’ve still got it. Amazing how much of our life seems completely unimaginable without electricity and gasoline. Wonder how that happened? Doesn’t seem like an especially stable arrangement, now that I’m thinking of it.

10/29/2012 1:23 PM

Storm surge in Nyack via Newsday & Susan Stava

Strange mixture of inactivity and hysteria. Wind continues, hasn’t been too hard yet. Rain more or less constant, not too heavy. Mrs. Stark is up, the boys are up. Couple inches of water at Battery Park. They’re predicting 16 to 20 foot waves. Seems unimaginable. Been watching Tim Pool’s video feeds from a largely deserted NYC  or here or follow him on twitter here: @Timcast

10/29/2012 2:46 PM

Took a break and everyone worked on final storm preparations. Wind definitely picking up, rain intermittent. Retrieved the loose and potentially flying objects from outside, put some covering up on the window most likely to shatter and spray deadly broken glass. Found lighters and playing cards, discussed playing Risk (not too popular), cards (more popular). Closed all the storm windows. Everyone getting happy and excited, lots of laughing. Kids went out in Logan’s cute silver bug to get coffee. If the electricity goes out and the soup’s too cold at dinner time, we’ll make cold sandwiches with ingredients.

Glad to see the President is addressing the nation. Glad Mitt’s put his bus in service of storm relief, but supporters claiming it will be providing storm relief to the “entire East Coast” seems a bit much. Unless it’s a Magic Campaign Bus. Oh, and there’s the first really serious gust of wind, rattling the windows and making those scary wind sounds.

Already nearly 5,000 without power in Northern Westchester.

10/29/2012 10:01 AM

Sandy Yesterday

I’ll keep coming back and updating this storm diary every couple hours so anyone who wants to can know know how it’s going. Check back later for the latest. Leave Comments!

At first there’s just a fluttering of leaves, then the trees start to bend farther and farther until they gently snap back. It’s like kelp swaying under the sea. Pretty much the same mechanism. Worried about my office window, seems to be facing right into the storm. Thinking about putting a blanket up. The sound of wind and the first bits of rain are pretty much without pause now. It will be a constant and increasingly loud part of our lives for how many hours now. And what about this arctic blast and snow maybe? 2 feet of snow possible in West Virginia. Maybe I’ll still make those coffee mugs that say “warm air holds more water.” And, “Something’s got to happen with all the extra heat energy.” And, “Welcome to our new planet. Safe travels.”

Everyone’s still sleeping. That’s my wife Mary, the nearly 17-year-old twins Michael and Sharon, and Sharon’s boyfriend Logan. We’ve got a big pot of chicken soup on the (currently functional stove), managed to barely fit the Volvo into the garage where it’s safe from falling tree limbs, stashed the mini-van and Logan’s cute VW bug out of harm’s way.

What a time it’s been. Green Drinks Thursday night (very good), Tuckahoe Police the rest of Thursday night, retrieving the impounded minivan from Tuckahoe Friday morning (that’s two days storage, one for the day it got here, one for today. But it’s only been 8 hours. No it hasn’t, it’s been more like 12 and a half. Right, but that’s not 2 days either.) Then driving out to Minisink to cover the protests about the compressor station in the middle of their neighborhood, with real-life politicians (Nan Hayworth) (More TK on that.) Back to Peekskill for Hallowe’en party (we never get it invited, we had a good time), in digestive distress off and on all night Friday, exhausted and semi-sick and useless all day Saturday (except did finally actually watch Gasland (the shame, leaving it so long), (hi Josh Fox and his mom Angela Monti Fox). Sunday, church, then storm preparations, dinner and Cowboys and Aliens (what else?). And now it’s now. Using twitter to help find resources to get oriented all morning.

Heather Flournoy is trying to organize a clearing house for people willing to share homes secure and well-prepared in the event of power failure and those who might need them. Good for her. That’s doing the right thing and being useful to the community. (Hi Heather!) That’s available here: Katonah Green Sandy Network.

Found Tim Pool’s live cast from nearly deserted Zone A in Manhattan. I was there for a hurricane, 1986? I remember it being eerie and exultant, pretty much deserted and stationary, and the strangest greenish light I’d ever seen.

I wonder how the evacuation went / is going. What a monumental undertaking. I find it hard to imagine that the region has 375,000 extra beds, especially with all the NYCHA properties in the Brooklyn zone, which seems enormous.

I remember someone finally explaining about sea level rise, that it’s not that it gets gradually higher year by year until it comes in your back door, though that happens too. It’s that storm surge and high tides will bring many feet of water where it doesn’t belong, causing who knows what kind of difficulty. And wouldn’t you know it, today is the exact full moon, too.

I bet all those pools of toxic used fracking water aren’t very well set up for many inches of hurricane rain.

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