Homemade Thanksgiving as Hurricane Relief: Let’s Take It Viral!

This is how you'll know you've arrived once you're on Pond Hill Road in Chappaqua

This is how you'll know you've arrived once you're on Pond Hill Road in Chappaqua


Wednesday 7:30 PM

Exciting mobilizing fellow Northern Westchesterites to pitch in. I got good responses from a lot of good people. You can still get in on the action. Dr. Susan Rubin is taking donations tonight and also tomorrow morning any time until 9:45.

It’s a good reminder in the service of perspective. Sandy is pretty much over and done with up here, and for the most part what we dealt with didn’t rise much above the level of major inconvenience (not true for everyone of course, but most). Major cleanup and recovery will be going on for months in the areas hardest hit, and how long does it take to recover from having your home destroyed or burned to the ground?

I showed up at Dr. Susan Rubin’s at 22 Pond Hill Road in Chappaqua this afternoon with pies and we had a good talk about resilience, about Westchester’s response and climate change. She was collecting donations and doing a fair amount of cooking herself. And thanks to Grace Bennett from Inside Chappaqua for doing her part plus a little bit more.

The Starks donated three delicious pies from Michael Stark’s culinary arts program. And thanks to Chef Jenn Guiffre and Suzie Low-Pratt from the Putnam / Northern Westchester BOCES Culinary Arts program for donating three more pies (and for donating baked goods and other food to local shelters).

Special thanks to everyone who activated their own networks to beat the bushes for people willing to go to bat for Thanksgiving in the hard-hit Rockaways:

Kisco Koncierge (@KiscoKoncierge), Sol Skolnick (@solskolnick), Chris S. Cornell (@cornell140), Velonda Lancaster (@VelondaLancaste), NewsdayNY (@NewsdayNY), Susan DeMark (@scdemark), Neil Alexander (@nailmusic), 100 Years Of Spring (@100Years), Grace Bennett (@InsideChappaqua), Briar Bagels (@briarbagels), Monica Roman Gagnier (@beacongal), Sara Caldwell (@SaraBCaldwell), Adam Stone (@examinerstone), John Fitzgerald (@valhallavoice), HudsonValleyMagazine (@HudsonValleyMag), Steve Morton (@srm1138)


and especially Luisa Fuentes who was ready to help out, but hadn’t quite worked out all the logistical changes required by her house burning down on Hallowe’en.

Help Rockaway Celebrate Thanksgiving

Help Rockaway Celebrate Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone!

We’ve got a chance to make a tangible effort this Thanksgiving to demonstrate our gratitude for all we’ve been given and all we haven’t lost. Let’s make the most of it.

Dr. Susan Rubin, long time food and environmental activist and professional here in Westchester County, has a simple and timely idea. She’s helping to collect food and other good things and transporting them to Queens tomorrow morning to create a bountiful Thanksgiving for people who lost everything in Sandy. Bring anything you can to her home in Chappaqua today or first thing in the morning. She’s getting on the road by 10 AM Thursday.

Here’s the message she sent out, and I collected some of her biography and some links and included them at the end.

If any of you in N.Westchester are making food for Turkey Day, the folks in Rockaway NY could use a serving or two.

A group called Rockaway Help is working to set up a Thanksgiving Dinner for 1000 people who have lost everything due to Superstorm Sandy.

I will be traveling out there 10am Thursday morning to deliver and serve homemade holiday food. If you could donate anything towards that effort, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s their wish list:
We are in need of:
Food ( Sides, Turkey, Ham, Desserts, Salad etc)
Beverages ( REALLY in need of this)
Eating Utensils
Napkins, cups,plates
Decor (Balloons, anything Thanksgiving/Fall themed)
Disposable gloves
Take-out containers ( For folks to take food to where they are staying in case we are unable to seat them)
More volunteers to help out on the day of the event

Please bring any items to me at 22 Pond Hill Road in Chappaqua anytime today or first thing in the morning.

susan rubin
914 844 3776

About Dr. Susan Rubin:

I am a eco-gastronomically focused food educator and leader in the world of school food activism as well as a mother of three. My specialty is helping busy moms create better health for themselves and their families. I also help people with cancer and other chronic illnesses thrive, not just survive.

I am the founder of Better School Food,  a coalition of health professionals, educators, and concerned parents, whose mission is to raise awareness about the connection between better food and better health. I am one of the Two Angry Moms in the documentary film of the same name.

I’m hoping we’re parts of enough overlapping networks in Westchester that we can put together a tremendous response in short order!

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