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The Twitter bird singing hashtags!

The Twitter bird singing hashtags!

Update as of 6/24/2013:

Summary: The hashtags for my daily tweets are: #ps59Twyla, #ps59Wendell, #ps59Affirmation, #ps59TastyBits and #ps59Almanac.

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Daily Tweets!

Here’s a quick summary of everything I’m tweeting daily, and the corresponding #hashtag:

#ps59Twyla – Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit: Learn it and use it for life. Indiebound listing here

#ps59Wendell – Wendell Berry’s Sex, Economy Freedom & Community. Indiebound listing here

#ps59Affirmation – Affirmations, often for writers.

#ps59TastyBits – Quotations, dreams, writings to surprise & delight you.

#ps59Almanac – Writer’s Almanac! Today’s literary Birthdays & Anniversaries. Plus a photo or illustration selected especially for you!

Here’s the rest of the previous post:

What do I have to offer you?  Why should you follow me on Twitter?  Why should you visit my website and read my blog?  What will you, yourself, personally get out of having something to do with me?  I’m going to explain that to you right now, and I’m not going to focus on features. I’m going to focus on benefits.  Because, obviously, I want to Focus on Benefits — Not Features — and Discover the Real Key to Success.  Here’s the benefits you will be getting by coming around to consume my content(s) and product(s):

Revel in the deep pleasure of reading good writing

Experience new thoughts, insights and perspectives

Be by turns amused, delighted, flabbergasted and amazed

Follow along as my real life story pursues its arc to its exciting conclusion

Learn about interesting, worthwhile and inspiring things happening in the real world

Be the first to experience brand new cultural product, and witness and participate in its manufacture


You’ll receive these benefits on a reliable and disciplined schedule.

Every day there will be a new Hi Everyone! of just about exactly three hundred words.  These will cover a miscellany of topics, an olio, a hodge-podge, just as my whim and the current needs of me and you and world indicate.

The next 8 paragraphs outline more benefits especially for you!

Every other day (that’s all the even numbered days) there will be a piece (usually longer) on the next topic on the top of the list of my 19 rotating topics.  Today (the 12th, an even day) the topic is, luckily (or maybe karmically), Social Media Guy.

I’m going to be Tweeting on a pretty regular basis.  Announcements of the Hi Everyone! and Topic Piece as they become available, and also short little bursts of different kinds of goodness.  I’m going to set up some hashtags to carry these bursts and hopefully start to pull together an interested community.  Each one I’ll repeat once or twice a day to decrease the chances of interested people missing them and hopefully not irritating anyone too much.  You’ll let me know.

I’m going to be re-reading Twyla Tharp’s book The Creative Habit: Learn it and use it for life (click here for Indiebound listing) and each day I’ll send out a quote or two.  I love this book.  I used to check it out from the library, keep it for three weeks, renew it for three weeks, return it, put it on hold again, and repeat.  Finally, I bought one of my very own.  Tough minded, deeply compassionate and all about getting creativity done.  These will go out with the hashtag #ps59Twyla.

I’m going to be re-reading Wendell Berry’s Sex, Economy, Freedom and Community (click here for Indiebound listing) and sending out one or two quotes a day from it as well.  This is a luminous book from one of the true heroes of America and our relationship to ourselves and our land. These will go out with the hashtag #ps59Wendell.

I will soon be the affirmation writer for, a web site providing community and resources to writers, and so I’ll be tweeting an affirmation or two a day, often for writers, but sometimes more generally.  These will go out with the hashtag #ps59Affirmation.

And a bonus Tweet or two from whatever else I happen to be reading at the moment.  I get The Writer’s Almanac in my email every morning, so I’ll send out some quotes from the Almanac out sometimes as well [update: #ps59Almanac]. All your bonus material are belong to the hashtag #ps59TastyBits.

I have high hopes for this.  I’m going to send out a link to this article with the hashtag #ps59FAQ.  Obviously, if you feel like I’m adding value to your already benefit- and feature-filled life, I’d appreciate a ReTweet or a mention, or you could put something in your blog if you’ve got one.

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