Self-Promotion: Mine. Yours?


Try this new stuff!’s slogan? “I’ve spent my whole life doing the opposite of self-promotion. That’s over.”

I’m new to this. Lots of people have been doing it longer and better. Maybe some of you would share your experiences?

I’ve been reading up: Create a brand. Have clear goals. Find your voice. Building an audience takes time. I’m trying to make a living and an impression.

I’ve been phobic. As a kid, being noticed = negative reinforcement. Almost over it. What about you? Did you overcome internal obstacles to self-promotion or did it come naturally? What have you learned along the way? How’s it going? What’s your secret?

I’m focusing for three weeks, between now and May 22. Here’s a special offer for those with some expertise: Help me design my self-promotion campaign and personal branding because I’m an ideal test case and an interesting problem. When I’m successfully visible in the cultural landscape I’ll give you all the credit and it will be great exposure for you. No, seriously, this is a good idea. Hello?

What, exactly, am I promoting? I hear that’s important. I’m promoting good writing, creativity, and things worth talking about.

I’ve been paying attention without stopping for forty years in a row, trying to understand what’s really going on. There’s been times when I’ve felt like a guy in the public library with a five inches of greasy 3×5 cards he’d like to talk to you about. Which isn’t attractive. Now, more than halfway through my life’s journey, it’s time to make myself useful. I want to net out, create more value in the world than I’ve taken.

My tag line? A Generalist, Creating. The generalist thing is about doing multiple things. In fact, “Too Many Ideas” will come around in the 19-day topic rotation soon. I want to suggest an approach that’s about multiple threads, pushing each one forward when you can. I’ve got so many good projects I’ll never be able to try more than a few. I want to set something up, the Idea Bin, so that other people can find them and try them out.

So, that’s 1: Idea Bin and Multiple Threads.

(I’ll just assume someone somewhere will be interested and keep explaining. That’s really the basic assumption anyway.)

Here’s 2: My Freelance Career. I’ve started. Web content, some projects for individual real people, I’ve found my first small-business clients, and I’m presenting myself to local businesses. I’m looking for good, paying work from new clients. And I want to write interesting stories about interesting things. I’ve got a bunch of freelance ideas, and I’m going to have to a) figure out how to pitch them, b) find people to pitch them to, and c) pitch them. There seems to be some internal resistance to this process.

And what about 3: My Creative Career. I’ve started a series of science fiction stories. Also, a straight play, and a musical. I’m starting to write poetry again. An eBook called “How to Live a Halfway Decent Life.” I’m the official affirmation writer for A standup routine and a comic book on climate change. And these blogs, halfway between creative and freelance.

And 4: Climate Change. I’ve invested in it big time over at Hasn’t had much effect. So far. But it’s a good topic. A real world science-fiction-scale planetary emergency plot with object lessons in first world problems, politics, global citizenship, government, consumerist lifestyles and big money corporate interests. It’s also scary and slow-moving, as well as abstract, technical and depressing. What’s not to love?

So, I got this down to 600 words. Let me know what you think. Follow along, RT if you’ve got friends involved in self-promotion. Thanks for your time and attention.

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