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Our relationship to the future of our country and our biosphere.

Well, there’s any number of critiques that can be made about our current situation, and how we ended up here. And any number of opportunities for blame, judgment, divisiveness, and bad vibes.

The fascistic project in this country is well advanced. In the technical sense of police state violence, close collaboration between government and corporate interests, and significant curtailment of civil liberties for all but a tiny elite.

The power relationships at the foundation of this enterprise have subverted nearly every institution that might have provided some resistance to its success. Including the two party system, which has been transformed into a game not of good cop bad cop, but of very bad cop and even worse cop.

And yet, there is a reservoir in the ordinary people of this country a love of liberty, fair play, and common decency that hungers ever more strongly for effective manifestation and transformation. The sociopathic project at hand is extremely sophisticated and resourceful, and we are substantially undefended against it. More and more people are realizing that in ways not yet known, and in myriad ways already operating or under construction, we will not go quietly into that good night.

While a change in the power structure or establishment of a viable third party would theoretically be the ideal solution, in practice the barriers are far too steep and the opposition too powerful and well-prepared to create enough transformation in the time available to us. Which means that there’s little viable choice other than trying to take over the less-objectionable political party and bend it to the people’s will.

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