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Northern Westchester

I want more enthusiastic active engagement in Northern Westchester. And my Northern Westchester runs from Mt Kisco to Hudson, NY.

I’ve been hearing from many people over the years about Northern Westchester, how difficult it is to get people engaged, how self-involved and selfish these suburban people are. I’ve had exactly the opposite experience many times. And I believe that the times are calling forth an impulse to become engaged, and that most people have a considerable reservoir of willingness and good will. I also believe that places like Northern Westchester are important, because when activated, they will be extremely effective – the flip side of privilege is that health, money, resources, connections, skills, experience, influence, power are concentrated here as nowhere else on the planet, and if the planet is going to be saved, the people in such areas are going to need to be deeply involved. OBF is designed to hasten that day.

That said, I’ve been regarding Northern Westchester as a kind of testbed and manageable population size, comprehensible in a single thought. But, really, it’s Northern Westchester in that sense that it encompasses everyone living from Mt. Kisco to Hudson, including tiny Accord, NY and Minisink.

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