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Running a crowdfunding campaign to pay myself full-time at $15 / hour and 5 project coordinators part-time at $15.

I’m going out to the community with a crowdfunding campaign. Donors will know that their contributions are going to support something that furthers what they believe needs to be done. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a variety of incentive rewards depending on your level of support.

[participation points, annual Spring equinox party, monthly final friday get-togethers, buttons and stickers, donated goods and services, ongoing news on how your contribution is being used]

This is a temporary expedient, just for the first quarter. By April 1 OBF will be self-supporting, generating revenue from sponsorships, advertising, and grants.

After having worked full-time on my projects and activities for the last six years, I’m going to start working full time for ($15) minimum wage. The way I look at it, the community is hiring me to deliver far more value than whatever money I’m asking for, and I am confident enough people will agree with me that OBF will work for quite a while to come.

I’m also going to hire a number of people to work part-time (see “Jobs”) at the same ($15) minimum wage. There’s no possible way I can on my own accomplish even a small percentage of everything I have in mind. Starting off with project coordinators and czars of particular activities, OBF will start with a number of nucleation sites.

OBF believes that everyone’s time is worth something. And so, it will be possible for other participants to make actual money.

Participants can earn money in two ways:

First, everyone who contributes (either time or money) in the next 15 months will earn points. As we go along OBF will set aside 10% of all the revenue it takes in. The more points a person has, the more experience they will have had. At the end of the first year (March 31, 2018) consulting contracts will be made with each person, proportional to their level of participation. During the first three months, the same contribution will earn more points. There are a couple projects which have the potential to earn significant revenue. Since every project is interdependent with every other, revenue from all sources is shared in one common fund.

Second, we’re going to be raising funds from various segments of our community in the form of advertising, sponsorships, and incentive rewards. Those who successfully generate revenue for OBF will receive a significant commission.

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