Our Better Future

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Our Better Future
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For the first time we’re asking the crowd for support! There’s so much work already begun, and so much more to come. Plus, recognition! Incentive rewards! Revenue sharing! Extra-special VIP rewards to people donating in the first three months! To learn more and more, just click the link ^^^ above.

Our Better Future supports real community, a clear-eyed relationship to our current realities, and the faith that working together from stubborn hope and creative intelligence will make the world a better place than it would have been without us. More and more people are feeling impulses toward doing something, anything, given everything. Our Better Future will entice and empower those impulses.

For a partial list of events and projects, visit the CV Page (PaulStark.name/projects/our-better-future/obf-topic-page-cv-first-draft)

Topics (How does it work?) Projects (What will it do?)
D2006-CMD-056 Money

Pay myself & five Project Coordinators $15/hour. Revenue sharing and commissions for everyone!

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little house_148 Little House on the Planet

A team-produced podcast radio serial featuring activated citizens in a world just a little more amenable to change than Northern Westchester.

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knots for situation 148 Our Situation

It was already an emergency.

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protest - Justice_148 This Day in Civil Rights

Young people of Northern Westchester run and populate a nation-wide database of civil rights history.

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structure molecule cln 148 Structure

The infrastructure is semi-autonomous, replicable, and designed to maximize fun, personal reward, and effectiveness.

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ProBono 148 ProBono PR

A network of communications professionals & others dedicated to getting the good word out.

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low jump 148 VLBE

Very Low Barrier to Entry: Make it easy for people to take the first step toward a new life of civic engagement.

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read_magazine B 148 Northern Westchester Monthly

A monthly magazine showcasing articles from our area’s thought leaders and transformation workers.

soon: learn more

westchester09 cr 148 Northern Westchester

I want more enthusiastic active engagement in Northern Westchester. And my Northern Westchester runs from Mt Kisco to Hudson, NY.

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bansky 01 148 Art for Activism

Activating the creative and expressive among us to propel and accelerate the work of transformation.

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decentralized natwork 148 Replicable

OBF is a way to activate communities to work locally for a better future. It’s designed to be easily copied in as many communities as possible.

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angel 148 Pray for All of Us

The good people who meet in prayer circles add prayers for particular people to their weekly list. Asking divine intervention that they renounce their ways and work for the common good.

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checkmark 148 Goals

You won’t get a revolution if you don’t ask for one.

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stack of books 148 Shelf Life

Reading lists and free & discounted books for Activated Citizens.

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politics 2 148 Politics

Our relationship to the future of our country and our biosphere.

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microphone and audience 148 Climate Comedy

A dedicated team develops material on climate and change and fossil fuels and solicits material from professional comics and comedy writers. Anyone can use the material for their own comedy stylings.

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More Projects
ourtown just o 148 Our Friendly Town

An evening of community-sourced one acts inspired by Our Town. Multiple casts, directors, and stage managers express and reflect on the very different experiences of the different tribes of Peekskillians.

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light bulb 02 148 Idea Bin

There’s a lot of ideas in the current crop of Our Better Future projects, but I have more ideas, some of them very good ideas, huge ideas. I’ll be putting them out into the world, for anyone who wants to take a shot at making something of them.

soon: learn more

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