March 25, 2016 Newsletter

The Paul Stark Experience

Vol. 1 No. 1
March 25, 2016

Helen Violet Thompson Stark

Helen Violet Thompson Stark

My mom would have turned 83 old today. I’m including a picture of her.

This is the first Newsletter I’ve ever created, and I think it’s really good today turns out to be the day I’m doing it. I’m confident I have her blessing for this and whatever else I’m trying to make of my life.

As a Seth Godin semi-accolyte, I know the important thing is pulling my tribe together. I’ve been doing it, and this Newsletter is a big step toward doing it some more. You’re a potential member of the tribe if:

  • You’re pretty clear a lot of things have gone substantially wrong, or
  • You’d like something to feel really good about, or
  • You believe there are deep down in almost everyone impulses that are positive and life-affirming.

It’s very likely this is the tribe for you if you believe all three.

Note: Every story starts in the middle. If there’s stuff here that doesn’t make sense to you, it might help to visit my Project Page:

esp winter crop 1_148 IMG_3090_cropEmergency Shelter Partnership

I worked on fulfillment this week for the thank you gifts for fundraising donors. I put pictures and acknowledgements up on the world wide web here. My theme is beginning to coalesce around wanting to be a catalyst – an agent that makes something good happen which otherwise wouldn’t have, without getting itself used up. Plus, starting to plan the fundraiser for the new bus. And beginning planning for the First Annual ESP Dinner and Party.

little house_148 Little House on the Planet

My wife comes up to me and she’s all like, Let’s go get a drink and work on Little House on the Planet. And we did, and it was good. She’s getting excited. I’m working on a Facebook location for everyone who wants to work on it or is otherwise interested. And a list of the characters I’ve thought up so far.

ourtown_blue_color_148 Our Friendly Town

Heard from the powers that be at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival. They’re willing to put out some publicity about my production in messages sent to their (no doubt enormous) email list. I’m hoping I can tempt them into getting involved even more than that.

Donquixote 148 One Man Can Foundation

My favorite Reiki Master recently told me: “You’re having trouble because you need to be a leader. You have the, vision, that’s what they call it these days.” And I think she’s right. Here’s the need we’re filling by finding and nurturing community catalysts: “In these unsettling times more people are realizing that if any grownups are going to show up and take things in hand, it’s gonna be us. Which means that pretty soon a lot of people will be ready to start something new in their lives – and they won’t know exactly what to do or exactly how to do it.”

lsf_148 Life So Far Oral Histories

I’m working on finishing up my first transcript, and once I get permission, I’m going to find a home on the world wide web for a picture of the subject and a little write up about her life.

IMG_3090_crop_148 Thanks for Following Along!

I’m glad and gratified you’ve decided to follow along. I’m planning to publish a newsletter once a week. If you want to know more about what’s going on with the Paul Stark Experience, check out my website here, ( or follow me on Facebook here (

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