April 8, 2016 Newsletter

The Paul Stark Experience

Vol. 1 No. 3
April 8, 2016

spring flower 1_151 Visible Life Explosions
My work has begun to be much more publicly visible. Fundraising campaigns are starting and succeeding. Announcements will be proudly made of interesting people who are lending one kind of support or another. New sponsorships and advertisers. Press releases, meetings.

Springtime is the right time for it. All winter there’s been work being done secretly, underground. Now, in Spring, there’s a bursting open. Explosions of color and life – lilies, daffodils, more – appear as if by magic. And it is, of course, magic. It’s all magic. It’s just that the magic started long before we saw a single obvious bloom.

Welcome: You’re a potential member of the tribe I’m trying to bring together if: You’re pretty clear a lot of things have gone substantially wrong, or You’d like something to feel really good about, or You believe there are, deep down in almost everyone, impulses that are positive and life-affirming. If you believe all three this is almost certainly the tribe for you.

Note: Every story starts in the middle. If there’s stuff here that doesn’t make sense to you, it might help to visit my Project Page:

esp winter crop 1_148 Emergency Shelter Partnership

I had my meeting with Carola Bracco, Executive Director of Neighbors Link. (Their website is here ( She’s my newest hero. She left her high-powered corporate career because she knew she could use her skills to do a job that needed doing. Her organization supports and empowers several thousand immigrants, documented and undocumented. That there are less then 30 homeless people each winter is a testament to her leadership and Neighbors Link’s success. You can check out ESP on Facebook here ( or visit their website here ( Looks like I’ve found the date for the First Annual ESP Dinner and Party. Stay tuned for the fundraising campaign for the bus.

little house_148 Little House on the Planet

The big news this week is the creation of the LHOP Facebook group. If you’d like to see it, here it is: Join if you want to participate or just follow along. I’ve decided I’ll publish a new sketch of one of the characters each week. Still working on the bible. Invitations to potential participants will go out soon.

ourtown_blue_color_148 Our Friendly Town

The HVSF workshop was a great experience. It was so good to be back in the theater, to remember the connection, community, and the excitement of co-creating. I came away more convinced than ever that it will be a really special performance. And I’m starting to get some interest and excitement about my show, and looking forward to seeking more support and funding. You can see the Facebook group right now by clicking here (

logo 02 just p_s 148 People Preventing Pipelines

I went to the rally at the waterfront over the weekend. Boy, was it cold. I was very excited to hear Iris Gillingham, a young Guardian from Earth Guardians, speak, and meet with her and her companions and some of my friends at Taco Dive Bar. I believe strongly in the Earth Guardian approach and will have more to say about it soon. You can learn more here (

lsf_148 Life So Far Oral Histories

Every week I’m recruiting more tactical partners to offer special services to my clients. This week I talked to an event planner (because it would be great to offer a lunch or evening tribute to my oral history subjects – good for them and those who care about them). And I just got a definite yes from someone I’d asked to consider offering painted portraits.

IMG_3090_crop_148 Thanks for Following Along!

I’m glad and gratified you’ve decided to follow along. I’m planning to publish a newsletter once a week. If you want to know more about what’s going on with the Paul Stark Experience, check out my website here, ( or follow me on Facebook here (

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