April 1, 2016 Newsletter

The Paul Stark Experience

Vol. 1 No. 2
April 1, 2016

BirdieCrats-Cropped-147 The Bernie Sanders campaign is a prime example of people coming together as a tribe, for something they are passionate about. And it just keeps growing and growing. There’s a good chance New York is in play. If you can, vote in the primary. Encourage people to vote in the primary. Wear a Bernie pin. Put things on Facebook. You can be part of a political revolution for the right reasons, in the right direction.

You’re a potential member of the tribe I’m trying to bring together if: You’re pretty clear a lot of things have gone substantially wrong, or You’d like something to feel really good about, or You believe there are, deep down in almost everyone, impulses that are positive and life-affirming. If you believe all three this is almost certainly the tribe for you.

Note: Every story starts in the middle. If there’s stuff here that doesn’t make sense to you, it might help to visit my Project Page:

Meta_Regalbau 148 Meta

One of the biggest accomplishments in producing this newsletter is the publication of the very first edition, one week ago today. It’s the kind of accomplishment I’m proud of, so I’m putting it in as the very first item – that is, in the Newsletter News Node of the Newsletter. Which is, interestingly, the very node you’ve just finished reading.

esp winter crop 1_148 Emergency Shelter Partnership

I’ll be meeting later today with the Executive Director of Neighbors Link, a remarkable organization that’s been going to bat for Northern Westchester’s Hispanic population for more than 15 years. Their website is here. I want to understand why there’s homelessness, and what else might be done. You can check out ESP on Facebook here or visit their website here. This week I’ve begun to bring the stakeholders together on the fundraiser for the new bus and the First Annual ESP Dinner and Party.

little house_148 Little House on the Planet

My wife and I went to Embark’s Improvisational sketch comedy class Wednesday (you can come next week – find out all about it here). Because I want to develop material for Little House by doing improv. And I miss when I used to be an improvisational star in the Pregnant Pause Players, oh so very many years ago.

ourtown_blue_color_148 Our Friendly Town

Major progress on this front. My blog post about the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival’s production of Our Town and introducing the idea of my Peekskill-centric production attracted a great deal of positive attention. In fact, the Our Friendly Town Facebook group is already up and running, and you should “Like” it if you might want to participate, or come see it, or just keep up on what will be a remarkable process of a community finding a way to talk to itself about what’s really going on. You can see the Facebook group right now by clicking here.

comedy duo w therm_148 Climate Guys One Act

I read through the script for the first time in a long time this week. I like the story, I like the characters, I think I’ll keep less than 30% of what I’ve written so far. Which might be a pretty good ratio. Looking forward to the campaign to evoke donations of climate change comedy bits from professional comics and comedy writers.

lsf_148 Life So Far Oral Histories

My weekly goals now include working on transcribing the interviews I’ve already done. So you know it’s going to get done. And I’ve made contact with another person working on Oral Histories in a different way, and I might have some interesting news to report in the next newsletter.

IMG_3090_crop_148 Thanks for Following Along!

I’m glad and gratified you’ve decided to follow along. I’m planning to publish a newsletter once a week. If you want to know more about what’s going on with the Paul Stark Experience, check out my website here, ( or follow me on Facebook here (

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