The Paul Stark Experience

Vol. 1 No. 4
April 15, 2016

naive rocket The Wild Blue Yonder
This week I felt like I was making some progress and other people are starting to get interested in working with me. Which is vital if all my plans, or even some of them, are going to come to fruition. So, away we go.

Welcome: You’re a potential member of the tribe I’m trying to bring together if: You’re pretty clear a lot of things have gone substantially wrong, or You’d like something to feel really good about, or You believe there are, deep down in almost everyone, impulses that are positive and life-affirming. If you believe all three this is almost certainly the tribe for you.

Note: Every story starts in the middle. If there’s stuff here that doesn’t make sense to you, it might help to visit my Project Page:

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esp winter crop 1_148 Emergency Shelter Partnership

The big news is that last Saturday the Journal News printed a front page article about ESP, and I was instrumental in making that happen. I wrote about it here. The date is set for the First Annual ESP Dinner and Party and email addresses of people to invite are flooding in. I’m also definitely spearheading the fundraising for the new bus, which I’m very excited about.

little house_148 Little House on the Planet

I went to the opening of and exhibit of photographs scenes from the pipeline and its opposition, some quite beautiful and some of events I was there for. Great stuff. And the spouse of the photographer is an insurance actuary (yes, as in the really difficult math contest in high school I did great at) and he was saying the state insurance commissioner should grow a set and connect “uninsurable risk” with “no insurance.” I talked to them about basing characters on them. They didn’t say no.

ourtown_blue_color_148 Our Friendly Town

Very exciting. Just today had a meeting with the extraordinary women running Embark Peekskill. Their production of Hispanic Zone helped forge new connection between the Hispanic and performing arts communities in Peekskill, and was one of the inspiration for OFT. As an independent Peekskill artist and member of Embark, their mission to advise and assist me, and they did, and it felt good. Facebook group here (

logo 02 just p_s 148 People Preventing Pipelines

My efforts to help get Earth Guardians started in Westchester didn’t result in immediate success, but a process has begun. The newest PPP idea I’ve had is to create a network of people who will send a targeted letter, email, tweet, post the people connected to one extreme energy industry employee each week. Very positively suggesting now would be a good time to earn a living in a business pursuing other goals.

lsf_148 Life So Far Oral Histories

Had a meeting over the weekend with a very dynamic actress who has worked putting together theatrical performances of people’s own oral histories. I was hoping I could get in on that, but it looks like we’re on our own. Had a deep moment of envisioning what it would be like for an 80 year old women brilliantly portray her life at 20, and another at 40. There’s so much depth and healing energy in these oral histories.

ProBono_148 ProBono PR

Part of the idea is that these separate projects will come together as they begin to take on more reality in the actual world. The Emergency Shelter Partnership is ProBono PR’s first client, and front-page publicity in the Journal News is a big major success story right off the bat. Read the story here.

bernie 02a_148 Bernie

I’ll be setting up the Bernie Table at the 6th annual Green Ossining Earth Day Festival. Come by. Scope the 411 here. Canvas, phone bank, talk up your friends, vote on April 19th.

sol kimmy_146 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Today, April 15th, is the debut of the 2nd season of this extraordinary Netflix series, and a day I’ve been looking forward to for months. The show, produced by the unbreakable Tina Fey, is both hilarious and poignant, dealing with some intense human experiences in a funny and honest way. And it features Embark Peekskill’s own Sol Miranda. If you don’t know about this show, I don’t know, where you been man?

IMG_3090_crop_148 Thanks for Following Along!

I’m glad and gratified you’ve decided to follow along. I’m planning to publish a newsletter once a week. If you want to know more about what’s going on with the Paul Stark Experience, check out my website here, ( or follow me on Facebook here (

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