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project 01Community Supporters / Community Partners
Community Supporters lend their good names and enthusiastic approval to the MLK50 celebrations. They suggest the event to their membership and stakeholders, and consider doing some low-effort social media promotion as the event approaches. A Community Partner is the same thing except you’ll be listed as a co-host of the event.

Having Community Partners helps the event build toward critical mass, and helps attract Supporters, Sponsors, and participants.

In return, you’ll get online, promotional, and day-of recognition, as well as earning valuable Our Better Future Participation Points. Learn more about Participation Points here (

Community Sponsors
Like Supporters, Sponsors take a publicly supportive stance toward the commemoration events. In addition to lending their good names, they provide material support in the form of money, in-kind contributions, or discounted goods.

Having Community Sponsors helps defray the expenses of hosting the event, as well as increasing its visibility, attracting more Supporters, Sponsors, and participants.

In return you’ll get all the recognition earned by a Supporter, as well as acknowledgement from the stage, an ad or message in the programs, Participation Points, on-going invitations to Final Fridays, and incentive rewards as detailed in the (soon-to-be-created) crowdfunding campaign. Learn more about Participation Points here (

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