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Scenario. There’s a social media enterprise called Inside Imaginary Schumer. Amy, please, sue us. Or be a guest star. Or send us a pair of panties. Scene: Taking a break from 5 hours on the phone looking for disgruntled ex Chuck Schumer aides.

Scenario. An art project based on dividing the country into 320 different regions of a million people each and creating a life-size sculptural representation of one 320th of the annual dead civilians, climate change dead, gunshot dead, air pollution dead, childhood cancer dead, newly incarcerated, etc. Piled up behind a set of jumbotron screens showing a continuous loop of distracting and entertaining images. And may while we’re at it, a stack of $20 bills representing 1/320th of the net worth of the 1%. Scene: The day the funding comes through for the first installation. “I don’t even know all together, a whole lot of life-size dead body sculptures. Good thing I got a whole lot of money to do this. Check me out, radical artist job creator. For the public private partnership.”

Scenario: Scripts and improv parameters for arguments in public places, (including Brunch!) along the lines of what do you think’s been happening with stagnant wages rising costs — can you think of any possible way Ecuadorean kitchen workers and Mexican yard guys are making that happen? Insidiously getting new tax policy implemented? Rich people and corporations keep getting tax breaks and poor people provide municipal revenues paying for broken taillight and turning without signalling tickets, when it doesn’t get them shot. It’s a combination of improv everywhere and guerilla marketing. Scene: Rehearsal. Okay, how are we feeling about the black lives matter one? Let’s run it again. Then we’ll do swastika are about undesireables, but they’re also about privitizing the costs of war and annihilation by making wealthy industrialists and corporations rich beyond the dreams of avarice. I still think it’s a cumbersome title. Can I be the one to say “You’re just another damned Halliburton apologist” this time? “Take it back!” Can I throw a drink at him. Or, nobody noticed that Puerto Rico just got thrown to the international finance wolves. Save the economy by decreasing the already laughable Island minimum wage.

Today’s scene description from Little House on the Planet

Scenario: A musical combo called Coastal Flood Advisory (a name that just keeps getting more familiar!) performs in a wide variety of styles, from the Clash to Pete Seeger to that rap the kids listen to. They’re funny, good musicians, very entertaining, with very clear ideas about telling people what’s really going on and mobilizing them. Gaining popularity. Cover B-52’s Private Idaho, Elvis Costello’s Waiting for the End of the World. Swimming round and round like the deadly hands of a radium clock at the … bottom of the pool!

Scene: Manager on the phone pursuing a booking — “No, we won’t go easy on the politics ‘stuff.’ That stuff’s the whole point. We could do an all acoustic set if you want. And the bottom line is the lads come with a built in audience, we’ve got a carrot mob that will put butts in your seats, over-buy and over-tip, and dance on your tiny dance floor. The future’s already started and it sure would be a shame if you were to miss it. If offend anyone you don’t want them for customers anyway — those people are dangerous.

Scene: Okay, this is the rough draft for my first TED talk, so you’re lucky ducks. Get ordinary suburbanites to finance it through mini-donations, then find rogue professionals to use modern marketing, communications, and entertainment technologies to get messages out to the same people who were susceptible to Bernie’s message. And operate in the black within two years.

Scene: Working through the details of Social Venture Institute social impact bonds with visionary finance professionals.

So, this is good. I’m feeling better about things. Take these and send them out to people who might be interested. Bottom line gentlemen: This just might work. Or ladies: so it looks like the only way this can work is to market it to women with even small amounts of investable net worth.

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