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+ Climate comedy
A dedicated team develops material on climate and change and fossil fuels and solicits material from professional comics and comedy writers. Anyone can use the material for their own comedy stylings.

+ Shelf-Life
Reading lists and free & discounted books for Activated Citizens.

+ Merch
Increasingly viral merchandise to fund the revolution.

The oligarchy ruined my biosphere and murdered my democracy and all I got was this lousy coffee mug

The dominant paradigm ruined my biosphere and all I got was this lousy coffee mug.
[patriarchy, corporatists, sociopaths, power-possessing beings …]

[the dominant paradigm / culture / patriarchy / consumerism / non-indigenous culture / greed and willful blindness / stupidity ] destroyed [ruined] my biosphere and I all got was this lousy [coffee mug / T-Shirt / sweatshirt.
Artwork, buttons, bumper stickers, and so much more.

+ Infiltrate Wall Street
Daily visible representatives of a deep critique of capitalism, but they don’t have to sleep in the park. Regular people let them sleep over, fix them breakfast. They were special outfits, talk to the tourists, go out at night, interview different Wall Street players, recruit people ready to shake loose their golden handcuffs and join the Resistance.

Anti-Fascist League(s)
There’s a lot of work ahead. Some of it will be heart-breaking, but a lot of it, especially at the beginning will be fun. This will come to be seen as the golden age of 21st century American Anti-Fascism. It’ll never be this easy again: it’s only going to get harder. So, the time is right for dancing in the streets.

(Special Bonus Content –

Reclaim Patriotism!

The opposite of Fascism isn’t rebellion … it’s comedy

The previous normal was bad enough, thank you very much

Fascism isn’t Funny [or Sexy, or Cool]

Fascism isn’t Free

Imagine Resistance

This week in Anti-Fascism

Be Like Winnie

Man Enough for Real Patriotism? Try Anti-Fascism

Real Americans don’t sell their country to ExxonMobil

Granddad, were you really part of the Anti-Fascist Resistance?

The Survivor Party of 2037 implores you – Water the seeds of the Anti-Fascist Resistance

“Without the Anti-Fascist Resistance nothing would have been saved.” Survivor Party Spokesman, 2037

The Survivor Party of 2037 strongly endorses LEE CAMP and all psychological and emotional leaders of the Anti-Fascist Resistance. Just saying. So pay attention, we’re begging here.

We need to be talking about who is doing what about it. We need to write some articles like, my daughter convinced me to join the anti-fascist league and I’ve never been happier. 15 ways you can fight authoritarian outrages in your spare time. 30 minutes a week toward a less fascistic country. I am Joe’s political conscience. Put them in Reader’s Digest and US Magazine. Seth [Seth Godin], can you intervene a little here? Target your message toward people who are predisposed to love what you say and get excited, become fans, spread your message for free. Don’t worry about people who hate you or don’t get it. It’s a waste of time and resources. Seriously.

+Reality 101
Very short presentations on particular aspects of reality: Black Lives Matter, Glass-Stiegel, Howard Zinn, ALEC, gerrymandering, history of creative disobedience, etc. With buttons – I know about … Income Inequality. Weekly sessions at the coffee shop, 15 minutes before the potluck and entertainment.

Educate the uninitiated guy. The first step toward rousing the sleeping giant is the army of barely-involved.

And the 101 guides — I was thinking, one set of text, different artists. And connect to their online stores, websites, blogs.

Kits 101
Pre-assembled materials to make things easier.
Sign and Banner making kit

Switch banks, raise democracy money, Republicans were never meant to be fascists.

+ ProBono PR
A network of communications professionals & others dedicated to getting the good word out.

Climate change campaign: I believe in climate change: Tennessee fire victim, Sandy, Katrina, drought. Because climate change is obviously real. It’s causing destructive things to happen all over the world. Anyone who says differently is a criminal on a planetary scale and morally deranged.

Just start doing stuff. Northern Westchester for #noDAPL decentralized communication solutions. Tell the story. Ask the group how to tell the story – native abuse, water contamination, private gain, climate, perseverance, enough is enough.

Request for two person-hours of pro bono creative brainstorming to help save the world.

Someone’s going to sign on for this, or more than one someone, and they’re going to have to invent a new category of award to give you.

+ Creative Activism Training

+ Northern Westchester for a Better Tomorrow

I believe in Northern Westchester. I believe in its health, its experiences, its resources, and the fundamental soundness of its heart. We are entering an unprecedented time in our history, and more and more people in Northern Westchester, I am convinced, are going to accept the reality of that and respond in a wide variety of appropriate ways.

I believe in Northern Westchester. I have a theory that with 1/400th of a population can have a significant effect in setting the emotional tone and political agenda. That’s 736 people in Northern Westchester. I’d say with people I know, and the people they know, there’s 500 people ready and willing. To do what, you ask? That’s a very good question. I believe in Energy Healers 4bt, believe in ProBono PR, believe in the Northern Westchester interfaith council. People are going to do all sorts of different things.

Which brings us around again to nwestch has all kinds of latent power, and we need to be creating effective VLBE initiatives. You know, attend three events a month. And that gets you an incentive reward. And, you know, host a house party, have a list of things that can be presented. And, you know, some kind of badge. Make an app, make a FB game. And put all this in LHOP as it’s going along. And support, you know, money, place to stay, childcare, grocery shopping. What does Tom Bregman have to say about this? Write that up and circulate it. Time to get serious.

Hi, I’m from better tomorrow. I’m here to do two hours of chores and errands. What will I be facilitating? I’m organizing interfaith groups to participate in sending winter camping gear to Standing Rock. That sounds great. What’s Standing Rock? Are you getting credit? Yeah, I’m from Assumption.

+Energy Healers for a Better Tomorrow.
Self-care, meditation, circles, coordinated positive energy events.

Energy healers for a better tomorrow. Do some theater – make a ring around some headquarters, cca, something on K street, levitate, exorcise, get some monks arrested. Pray, give employees free phenomenal touch, reiki, energy readings in the parking lot.

+DAPL and other Natural gas infrastructure

Sophia Wilansky, Tim, mobilize support, supplies, people driving there.

It’s vitally important that we learn the lesson that we are many and they are few. That it’s possible to prevail. Underneath everything, we promised ourselves a democracy. Whether we can get enough of it back to make a difference before it’s too late is another question.

Where does a 3.8 billion pound gorilla sleep?

+ Entrepreneurial Initiatives
Making money, so many different ways. Educational / experiential programs offered at retail. Investment funds, incubators.

Anticipate needs. Critical thinking camp. At least they’ll know. Food comes out of the ground, draft animals need daily care.

I’m sick of trying to get high school kids of do something. Let’s some middle-aged goddam parents to do things.

Scene: Okay, this is the rough draft for my first TED talk, so you’re lucky ducks. Get ordinary suburbanites to finance it through mini-donations, then find rogue professionals to use modern marketing, communications, and entertainment technologies to get messages out to the same people who were susceptible to Bernie’s message. And operate in the black within two years.

Scene: Working through the details of Social Venture Institute social impact bonds with visionary finance professionals.

So, this is good. I’m feeling better about things. Take these and send them out to people who might be interested. Bottom line gentlemen: This just might work. Or ladies: so it looks like the only way this can work is to market it to women with even small amounts of investible net worth.

Get some money
Have a system like Occupy where people of goodwill with time on their hands can be directed toward sensible activity, like TPP or Represent Us.
Have culture-jamming aimed at recruiting the best and the brightest.
Reality 101, animations, booklets, laying everything bare.
Work knowing the collapse is occurring, that we’ll need a life amidst the ruins.
Create a nimble and effective communications ability (ala HLG)
Gotta give ‘em hope.
Stop letting key people be less than completely effective.
Model appropriate behavior, organizational structure, tactics & strategy (LHOP)

The angels of our better future.


+ Artistic Initiatives

Say her name — tee shirts, buttons, weekly availabilities. Also, a monthly art show, this month black like me, this month pipeline, intending to sell, half to artist, half to series. Connect this up with creating a commodity market. Maybe have two versions of each piece.

Scenario. An art project based on dividing the country into 320 different regions of a million people each and creating a life-size sculptural representation of one 320th of the annual dead civilians, climate change dead, gunshot dead, air pollution dead, childhood cancer dead, newly incarcerated, etc. Piled up behind a set of jumbotron screens showing a continuous loop of distracting and entertaining images. And may while we’re at it, a stack of $20 bills representing 1/320th of the net worth of the 1%. Scene: The day the funding comes through for the first installation. “I don’t even know all together, a whole lot of life-size dead body sculptures. Good thing I got a whole lot of money to do this. Check me out, radical artist job creator. For the public private partnership.”

Realized recently that the pile of bodies piece needs to have some kind of screen, so you can just see the bodies around the edges, underneath. Maybe this would be a good jumbotron application.

+ Theatrical Initiatives
Scenario: Scripts and improv parameters for arguments in public places, (including Brunch!) along the lines of what do you think’s been happening with stagnant wages rising costs — can you think of any possible way Ecuadorean kitchen workers and Mexican yard guys are making that happen? Insidiously getting new tax policy implemented? Rich people and corporations keep getting tax breaks and poor people provide municipal revenues paying for broken taillight and turning without signalling tickets, when it doesn’t get them shot. It’s a combination of improv everywhere and guerilla marketing. Scene: Rehearsal. Okay, how are we feeling about the black lives matter one? Let’s run it again. Then we’ll do swastika are about undesireables, but they’re also about privitizing the costs of war and annihilation by making wealthy industrialists and corporations rich beyond the dreams of avarice. I still think it’s a cumbersome title. Can I be the one to say “You’re just another damned Halliburton apologist” this time? “Take it back!” Can I throw a drink at him. Or, nobody noticed that Puerto Rico just got thrown to the international finance wolves. Save the economy by decreasing the already laughable Island minimum wage.

+ Musical Initiatives

Scenario: A musical combo called Coastal Flood Advisory (a name that just keeps getting more familiar!) performs in a wide variety of styles, from the Clash to Pete Seeger to that rap the kids listen to. They’re funny, good musicians, very entertaining, with very clear ideas about telling people what’s really going on and mobilizing them. Gaining popularity. Cover B-52’s Private Idaho, Elvis Costello’s Waiting for the End of the World. Swimming round and round like the deadly hands of a radium clock at the … bottom of the pool!

Scene: Manager on the phone pursuing a booking — “No, we won’t go easy on the politics ‘stuff.’ That stuff’s the whole point. We could do an all acoustic set if you want. And the bottom line is the lads come with a built in audience, we’ve got a carrot mob that will put butts in your seats, over-buy and over-tip, and dance on your tiny dance floor. The future’s already started and it sure would be a shame if you were to miss it. If offend anyone you don’t want them for customers anyway — those people are dangerous.

+ Buy back your senator.
Raise money to replace corporate sponsorship. Refuse fossil fuel donations, we’ll replace the money. If not, we’ll use the money to fund a primary challenge.

“An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought.”[5] Simon Cameron We’ll know we’re making progress when we get mentioned on late night.

Unexpected money? … deploy 10% to buy some democracy Invest in Democracy
Tell your sweetheart [valentine] you love their future … get them some democracy
Let’s outbid the criminals
If you look like a good hire, we’ll release this money to you, otherwise, it goes in the recruiting fund
The structural barriers to participation are too high, the benefits of incumbency are too enormous, the fascists have made too much headway, and time is too short. So, we’re buying incumbents.

+ Work that reconnects.
Practitioners trained in the Joanna Macy program. Come into relationship with what’s actually happening in the world. Embrace the difficult feelings that come up. Make choices, care for each other.

+ White Lives Matter
Scenario: a series of performance pieces / media pieces retelling stories of unarmed minorities being killed by police but with white victims. Not Eric Garner, but Ethan Garner, doing Christmas shopping at the Danbury Mall and being confronted by police because of an expired vehicle registration getting taken down in a crowd of police officers and choked to death. Depict the whole process, grand jury, white spokesman agitating. Do the same for Timmy Rice, playing in the park with a gun, shot within two seconds. Scenario: Interviewing a rogue Chyron graphics person. “It’s got to look like real TV news, so, lower-third titles, swooping flying graphics with you know, Holiday Murder or Choked for Registration.

+ Anti-capitalism Project

You know, yes, the children. The whole thing. Yes, you’re embedded in a system, but it’s a system that’s killing people, that will ultimately fail, and scour our beautiful planet free from living things. So, it’s time to get serious. The first few people who say, I can’t stand it any longer, I have to do something that’s not saturated with evil. That’s why I’m switching teams.

I guess, grasp the nettle. The Japanese cooperation bank. These movements of capital. The uncoupling of individual success from being embedded in a system that makes it all work. Overshot, Things continuing to seem like they work when catastrophic failure is already unavoidable.

One guy, out in front of Exxon or the Japanese Cooperation bank. Transfer the abortion clinic thing, but in front of capital, with pictures of dead, injured, etc. Give back your thirty pieces of silver so we can bury our dead.

Good to take a step back once in a while. Because we’re building capacity, a shock troop of theater workers, a cadre of young people looking too deeply into things.

It’s expensive to keep an entire population this disconnected from reality. Fear people working for free. We want our money back. You’re spending our money. You took it from us. You’re in charge, you get it figured out.

You’ve got time on your hands, come over and help make this thing work. Get on TV.

These are our lives. We don’t want Saudi Arabia to have more weapons. If they’re going to get weapons, we want to know where the money is. If someone gives Bill Clinton a half a million dollars, and then takes a meeting with his wife who runs the State Department, where is the money? Those arrangements, whatever they are, don’t include us.

Occupy, Bernie, it’s there. The energy and intelligence is there. It needs a platform, it needs some infrastructure. We’re going to do it. Look at the Tea Party – it’s based on a lie, it’s real goals are not its advertised goals, and it’s based on the most disrespectful and dangerous manipulations of people’s feelings, but that’s the idea. They made things happen.

It’s all the time same thing. That’s the key. At the town hall: you didn’t answer my question.

It’s all based on really simple concepts. Backstage. Distraction. Potemkin Village.

The right wing has it right: learn the rules and participate. Make believing the mainstream media pathetic. But not for a crypto-fascist corporate agenda.

It’s getting harder to turn them away. This populism is not unemployed youth, it’s not skinheads, it’s moms and retired people and teachers and nurses. People who are not inherently unappealing, and you can’t say, get a job, take a shower. This is the weak link. This is the way in. Whatever you know how to do, we’ve got a slot for you.

+ Pray for All of Us

The good people who meet in prayer circles add prayers for particular people to their weekly list. Asking divine intervention that they renounce their ways and work for the common good.

You congregation can pick a particular nexus in the system. Pray for retraining extreme energy workers. Pray for non-destructive capital financing.

Do you know any 21 year old women? Do you 21 year old women so strongly committed to their sense of right and wrong they’re willing to put themselves at risk? Get clergy: we encourage you to pray for those in your congregation who profit from the violence in North Dakota and the destruction of so much of the web of life we all depend on and love.

Who knows, maybe PrayMore is actually God’s work. To shock one or more people into becoming an Actualarian.

+ Inside Imaginary Schumer

Scenario. There’s a social media enterprise called Inside Imaginary Schumer. Amy, please, sue us. Or be a guest star. Or send us a pair of panties. Scene: Taking a break from 5 hours on the phone looking for disgruntled ex Chuck Schumer aides.

+ Retire your Student Debt Scholarships

Student debt jubilee. Instead of being slave to the capitalist system, you become a prisoner of your own best ambitions, aspirations, you become contractually obligated to pursue them. Take over the payments, and if after 18 months you make the grade, we’ll pay them off. And some kind of self-supporting new economy arrangement so that some of the time can be spent earning some kind of wage. Maybe some kind of matching grant thing, work as a graphic artist or bike mechanic, we’ll give you three dollars for every dollar you earn. Live in the dorm, communal meals.

+ Fund the Revolution from your own home!

Other 98, occupy sandy. $30,000 for Dakota camp, etc. Know that you’re doing the most good you can without actually showing up. Sustaining membership, get monthly pictures of what you’re supporting. The first undergraduate degree program in Berniecratting.


Special Paragraphs

Someone federal shut down the website. I guess our security was lagging behind our impact. Big mistake. But, you know, it’s a net gain. We’re martyrs, we’re a cause celebre.

Climate model people — energy put into brand new congress has a person-minute to misery reduction ratio of [some number]. It’s like moneyball. Because graduate students in math. Takes output from climate models as inputs. Yesterday’s Democracy now re: what cities will still be able to have olympics in 2085, and 9 trillion dollars in lost income / wealth for millenials. The student loan thing is really infernal. Not only do people have to find a way to integrate into the existing economy or leave it forever, but for all the work they’re doing they’re not getting as much disposable income as they would have 30 years ago, and disposable income is potentially a key resource in making the new world. How about New World Now? Or New World Now!?

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