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Goals for LHOP:

model different behaviors for people who might become active toward making a better world happen (ask LHOP what kind of active engagement is right for you)

Educate and inform about different issues

Present and interact with all the different strands of active engagement going on in Northern Westchester

Fun with a purpose

It’s a universe where things are a little easier, people follow their best impulses with a little less resistance. Which means people in our audience can visualize new roles for themselves. And participants can envision their dreams coming true with more support and resources and success.

it’s hard to make our communal dreams come true, but it’s not as hard as it looks.

The bottom line from this for me, and this was also the bottom line for the climate change roundtable is: How do we develop the new narratives, and how do we distribute them? And that’s a definite LHOP hook. In fact, that’s the perfect meta-LHOP hook. Why produce a continuing story of politically and socially activated individuals as a podcast? Because the important question, the question about how to effectively recruit and support a cadre of anti-fascism resistance comes from there. That works for Adam McKay and for Chris Hedges.

Just about out of theory of change. March, organize, write your congressman. The clampdown is here, it’s all around us, it’s inescapable and deeply committed to its continued health and longevity, and has tremendous institutional momentum, manpower, political power, and billions of dollars behind it.

And I need to keep in mind that there’s a process going on now where awareness of the insanity of our culture and our government and our history is becoming increasingly visible to an ever-expanding group of people. That’s a major change in what do you want to call it, psychodynamics. This is an LHOP thing — awareness edges toward a threshold where unfamiliar activity becomes more likely, and what happens when particular percentages of people get to that point. The whole thing is meta stable, so there’s tremendous forces being held in tentative equilibrium, which means that when there’s new equilibrium seeking process it will be chaotic in the mathematical sense, meaning extremely small changes in initial conditions will have dramatic effects in outcomes — meaning, floodgates, firebrands, charismatic leaders, a spark that becomes a conflagration, new activities, four or five of which could become mass movements. [which also means that relatively small applications of force can result in large perturbations.] And that means that conditions are going to become much more supportive of what I’m doing [something, fecund] relatively soon. It’s important to remember that. Because I’m sure of it, so it’s like jumping, knowing that the eagle, helicopter, train will be there. Which means my underlying sense of uncertainty, trying the wrong thing, is understandable but will be proved wrong. Which gives me, what, the courage of my convictions, lowered barrier to following impulses. It’s also why VLBE is important.

Why not us? You know, the relative value of time and talent is a lot closer than most people think. Why shouldn’t we make a difference, why shouldn’t we occupy some kind of national platform? This connects to LHOP, OFT, ProBono

I believe that there’s more active engagement in transformational undertakings in Northern Westchester than almost anyone realizes.

I believe that podcasts are good, and crowd-sourced podcasts are one of the next big things.

I believe that promoting what’s already happening and modeling the many citizens can make a difference is an effort worth making.

I believe we’re approaching a tipping point that’s about people believing they can take a meaningful role in creating the transformations they know if their hearts are deeply needed.

It’ll be fun, and a lot of laughs, and will give engaged people a chance to bask in their optimistic and aspirational selves before returning to the very challenging work of creating real change.

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