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Seinfeld structure: little short scenes, music & wipe dissolves in between

Give Rebecca costuming credit

Companion website for material doesn’t get in podcast. Recruit writers.

And, right, part of the key to all of this is to recruit “institutional support” which is things like Walkabout, PAA, Interfaith, I don’t what else, it will come to me. But, getting people officially on board, supporting them in terms for their support. Which is pretty similar to coalition building. Which isn’t far from movement building.

Get a high quality button making machine. Start up a Zazzle store. [oh, and button bees on Moral Tuesdays]

It doesn’t seem like it would be all that hard for this to become something of a sensation. All the more reason to have it be developing as a fan fiction kind of thing. You know, post a little bit of character or situation … think of the best response contest.

Get secret cadre of joke writers to send the jokes they can’t get on the air. Have it be a regular thing. There’s an underutilized resource. Maybe this could be another thing on CITM

Get professional writers and comedians to help crowdsource particular LHOP characters.

Crowdsource characters with professional comedy writers. Check the website for credits. Seriously. We couldn’t make this show if it wasn’t for the people who make it.

Have Chris in the Morning be the narrator. Kind of like Good Morning Viet Nam. Have real people break real news. Sometimes a non-famous special person. Or, in rotation with 60 seconds with a Real Person. Lawyer from the Monsanto crimes against humanity trial.

Occupy Everywhere. Unleash Everything.

Start writing little bits of LHOP and publishing them. Some kind of boilerplate, the continuing adventures, a radio drama about.

History of podcast-like productions — I remember firesign theater, fry and laurie, lee camp. What was that mule thing? [drop the dead donkey]

And (I’ve said this before) it’s good to make things explicit. It’s important that there be cultural currency for the reality of climate change, for the rise of a cooperative civilization re-orienting and preserving ethos. And that’s why Climate Comedy makes sense. And all of these ideas, and the difficulty of getting them started, time and resource-wise, that makes LHOP make sense.

I’m thinking, outpouring, generosity. And a little earlier I was thinking, in regard to the connection with remembering the young people of OWS, that my approach is synthetic, that I’m more and more finding ways to include everything.] So, the idea is this: an organization that explicitly intends to build new social relations and arrangements to suit our current circumstances. Kind of a WPA for transformation. An Americorps kind of thing. Hire young people, pay them to work, but not for money, at least not exclusively, primarily. And have them do things like de-hypnotizing class, run the barter network, TDICR, whatever. Give them hope. Market as, at last there’s someone who’s realistically contending with what’s actually happening without bullshit, a profit motive, or lies [wishful thinking]. And fund it on a high level crowdfunding basis, from high net worth individuals. [He showed up in my conference and pitched finding a way to make saving western civilization a paying proposition.] Ad campaign, here’s a young person who’s working hard to save her generation. And we’re the ones paying her to do it. So, LHOP: start this from the planning, organizing the PR campaign, and then forward. I can see it being big, a phenomenon, we’ll make it fucking scale! and then the story continues and it starts happening. Part of this is the LHOP can continue indefinitely, through the next transition at least. We can figure that there’s going to be some kind of podcasting analogue for a long time, even if it’s troubadours. And keep responding to the real world. LHOP: a guy who’s writing a screenplay franchise about an Elysium-style rebellion against the plutocratic powers that have enslaved nearly everyone on the planet. The Battle of Seattle is going to turn out to be one of the most significant historical events of our new century. The WTO, IMF, World Bank, TPP and all the rest of it. Connects right to ye are many and they are few.

I think what to do is just to reveal, relentlessly. Talk about the projects, talk about preparing for crowdfunding, now to start January 1st. That gives me three months to get that going on. And also use this as a way to solicit business for the oral histories. So, rather than feeling behind on everything, I can feel ahead. And just keep putting stuff out. When I do something about LHOP, post it in LHOP land. Whoever wants to follow along can follow along. Entertainment in desperate circumstances. And I have such a backlog of material, I could put some of it up without too much trouble.

Create a companion guide, here’s the people and initiatives that are like this which are happening in real life. In the show notes on the blog, just like BOTL (Hi Jay!!)

And start to travel with materials, brochure on support OBF, Adv w OBF. And coalition brochure — OBF, tdicr, oft, lhop, etc. Reality 101, pro bono, NWMag

Slavery was about finance. So is climate change. So is war. So is mass incarceration. So, take the fight to the people who are making all these things happen. Pick off the incompletely assimilated and reduce the enjoyment of the fruits of their betrayals for the rest. There should be a brain drain. It should be shameful. “If I were Bob Garfield I would totally invest 5 minutes in an appearance on LHOP’s CITM. Especially since his dream project “How do you sleep at night” has been up and running for five years in the alternate universe. I mean, five minutes, seriously, over the phone. Same for Adam McKay.”

Which also means that methodology, like the crowd-sourced podcast, will be just enough ahead of its time that by the time it’s up and running, the rest of the world will have caught up. The prank you tube hits are kind of precursors to this, creating a character and telling stories, very primitive. And fan fiction.

At each presentation: listen, lives are going to be changed. Maybe yours, maybe someone you care about. Someone is going to jump into some part of this and a new world will open, possibilities will come into existence apparently out of thin air.

Matt Damon, more money than G, CITM You know, seriously, what are you gonna do with all that money? What’s it for? Why wouldn’t you want to fund LHOP? You could be a guest on CITM. Find a way to get to him.

Like Towering Inferno. George fucking Clooney. Make something like towering inferno, a sprawling drama of people learning to survive in a rapidly changing world. Why not make that movie.

Cool Celebs. Yeah, this is along the lines of under-utilized resources. All these celebrities, all this attention-capital, all these resources. Be deliberate, find a way to make certain behaviors, knowing about the TPP, recruiting for flood relief teams from the inner city, etc. cool within the community of celebrities. It was fun, it was worth doing. I’m surprised they haven’t asked you. Etc.

Things to do:

Finish and post my general introduction to LHOP. Post character sketches regularly.

Create Facebook Pages for specific characters.

Send invitations to potential participants.

Create handouts seeking sponsorships and donations.

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