Little House on the Planet – Characters

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African American Activist Pastor
Anarchist Eyeore
Artist character

B Corp rock climbing guy
Career counselor: organic farming, cultural producer (world everything, as global cultures fail), comedian. The Actual Future Academy.

Celebrity Outreach Gal
Change the narrative guy
Co-op advertising guy

Crusading artistic director of theater company
crusading clergy founder

Existential Ed
Germanium documentary guy
Guy writing a book with Bob Garfield from On the Media, “How Do They Sleep at Night?”

Leader of Energy Healers for a Better Tomorrow
Leader of Pray for Us All
Leader of the high school demographic.

Malcom McLaren
Meditating PR genius for good instead of evil
Millennial. Call him Spicoli.

Music Guy
Podcast Guy
Rogue accountant

Rogue economist
Rogue lawyer
Sandy Galef’s Intern

Science Fiction Writer.
Screenplay Guy writing a franchise about an Elysium-style rebellion against the plutocratic powers that have enslaved nearly everyone on the planet.

State Government Insider
Team with a physicist, a venture capitalist, and an animator
Television writing team pitching a comedy called something like Bernie Bros. Just like the ’60’s, but everyone takes a shower every day! Like Gilligan’s Island, but everyone actually sleeps with each other. Like Big Bang Theory, but instead of science everyone’s working on arranging a post-carbon future.

Walkabout director (alternative high school)
Writers’ Group So, there’s a writers’ group that starts to accomplish some really interesting and significant things.
Yoga instructor folk music sensation

Pipeline Pamela: a visual artist, an ever-more experienced activist. Her positive attitude and open-hearted attitude is a pleasure and reminds people they desire to work for a better tomorrow. Giant puppet heads, banners, bright colors and brilliantly conceived artworks are meant to get attention and attract people willing to work. She reluctantly agrees to let her art loose into the collecting commodities market for artwork and hits it big.

Pipeline Pete: Photographer, activist and Pamela’s boyfriend. They’re everybody’s favorite couple, and he’s got such an eye and such a heart.

Ken: He grew up in a very well-connected family and is nearly overwhelmed by the corruption and decay he sees everywhere. He understands the ways the destructive actions he sees all around him are embedded in a capitalist and consumerist system that is in the process of toppling from its own weight of destructive bone-headedness. He knows how to design actions that put pressure on the actual levers of power.

Pat: He believes that the world can be saved. And that the way to do that is to gather together people of perception and vision who can be persuaded to at least almost believe that things can change for the better. And you know what would help that get started? A podcast. And other things, like projects.

Steve: He’s a brilliant combination for spiritual practice and savvy effectiveness. He did PR for the Dalai Lama’s visit to Gotham, and he’s tending the flame of the communications vision. He actually knows how to design and execute a campaign and now that money’s flowing he’s making it happen.

Sylvia: Her nest has nearly been emptied and she seems to show up everywhere, speaking the truth about what’s really going on, and trying not to lose her mind with the blank distraction the most obvious threats and injustices are outside the attention of her fellow suburbanites. And she’s hilarious.

Stephanie: Another empty nester. She was first engaged by politics in the first Obama campaign, and she’s been trying to get the apparatus of democratic government to start doing what it’s obviously supposed to do. She works incredibly hard, learning the issues, making relationships with people from the government, managing phone call and petition campaigns. What will happen when she gives up on her ever-in-the-minority progressive caucus and goes rogue?

Chris in the Morning: He has an internet radio show that’s just for the freaks and activists and malcontents. He actually has on-air phone conversations with real-world celebrities.

Music Guy 1: No one told him a radical musical combo that does folk music and late ‘70’s new wave and protest songs from the old radical hands can’t make it in today’s entertainment landscape. And so he produced and managed them into a stardom with legs. And got a lot of his own songs recorded and played out.

Music Guy 2: A musician who’s in the golden portion of his career where he’s actually making a decent living playing just the music he’s been wanting to play all this time. He’s taking a slice of his busy life and dedicating it to nurturing positive change through music.

Martha: It’s all very well and good this save the world stuff. Except when it turns into a downward pointing negative snipe-fest. Then it’s not good. But it’s got to work in the real world, and no one should get burned out or divorced or be a bad parent, and if you can’t dance to it, it’s not somebody else’s revolution, it’s no revolution at all.

Intern: He’s young and he’s on fire. All these middle aged well-meaning people are charming and irritating and all, but stuff needs to be happening.

Preacher: White liberal middle aged people who know how to fix the whole world but have never organized a prayer vigil or had a meeting with angry parents can probably actually be put to some kind of good use, if only he could think of just what that might be.

Malcolm: The revolution will not be televised, but it will be fight its first battles with buzz bombs and memes. He invented the “Saving the World is the New Black” campaign that’s made it fashionable to stand up, be counted and believe we’re not entirely doomed. He’s timed his entrance perfectly, as free media comes into its own just before it’s lost forever, and he working it.

Lizzie: Performance and improv can bring to the surface what’s really driving you, and what’s really getting in the way. That’s what I’m good for. And, if you can’t make a living doing it, you’re almost useless.

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