A lot of serious consideration has gone into developing these projects.

I want people to understand why I’m doing what I’m doing.

I wrote some manifestoes to help explain things.

Read the Manifestoes!

I’m planning to be working on these projects for quite some time. It’s what I’m doing. I think it’s the best thing for me, my family and the world. I’ve never given up on my desire to have a positive effect on the world, and given the state of things, the world needs some positive effects.

It’s hard for me to do these projects. It’s been a struggle to get this far, and I don’t imagine it’s going to be too much less of a struggle any time soon.

These projects must attract other people who will be interested and help work on them. And because I believe these projects are good for the communities where they happen, they’re designed to be replicated in as many places as possible.

Current Projects

Manifesto_guy_just head_sm The Paul Stark Experience

We’ve never lived through times like these. So many kinds of “Business as Usual” now seem profoundly implausible. Luckily, I haven’t been doing business as usual for a long time. I’m looking for more of us.

Donquixote 148 The One Man Can Foundation

Every community needs a catalyst (advocate, change agent …). Every community should hire one. Support, mentoring, software, best practices: Turning working for a better tomorrow into a full-time job in the USA.

lsf_148 Life So Far Oral Histories

I can save the family memories you’d hate to lose. Two hours of incisive interviewing, transcript, audio, an essay celebrating what made that life worth living. Extras: portraits, archive assistance, event organizing.

content_148 Website Content

I’ve got the experience and chops to write (or rewrite) the content for your website. Let me use my skills and marketing savvy to make sure your website is making the impression you really want it to make.

fiction poetry_148 Freelance Writing

I write about people who are working hard to make a difference. And I write about what differences need to be made.

ProBono_148 ProBono PR

A consortium of PR, advertising, and other communications workers who spend some of their time working for good instead of evil. Bringing professionally crafted & executed campaigns to transformation workers.

intern_148 Interns

I need lots of different skills, experiences, and people to pursue these projects. You or someone you know can join in. Experience, contacts, recommendations, and a share of all revenue from all projects.

peekskill-train-sign_148 My Peekskill

I love Peekskill. I love the people and the energy and I love writing about whatever Peekskill’s going to get itself up to next. I’m trying to surprise us by revealing ourselves to ourselves. I just might write about you.

bread_puppet_148 This Day in Civil Rights

Local people research and provide content to an online database of significant dates in the American struggles for justice and change. The result: a nationally significant resource for students and the rest of us.

little house_148 Little House on the Planet

It’s a podcast in pre-production about engaged citizens in a community just like ours. Written, acted, and produced by a co-operative community, most characters are based on the real lives of transformation workers.

ourtown_blue_color_148 Our Friendly Town

An evening of theatrical pieces allied with HVSF’s community-sourced production of Our Town. Multiple casts, directors, and stage managers reflect on and sum up what it’s really like to live in Our Town: Peekskill.

comedy duo w therm_148 Climate Guys One Act

Two comedians take their climate change standup routine on the road. We witness the last night of their partnership. Watch for a reading. Includes material donated by professional comics and comedy writers.

esp winter crop 1_148 Emergency Shelter Partnership

No homeless person should freeze to death on our streets. ESP provides shelter & three meals a day all winter long. I organized my congregation to host for the first time and successfully raised funds to pay for food.

odds just letters_148 Ossining Documentary and Discussion Series

More ways to tell the truth. Once a month we screen a documentary and host a panel discussion. I just curated Merchants of Doubt with a great panel. Come to one of our screenings. I can get you on the mailing list.

bernie 02a_148 Bernie

The Sanders campaign is what I’m talking about. People are excited because he’s telling the truth and we might not be so powerless after all. Whatever happens, the revolution brings new energy and new coalitions.

ppp logo_148 People Preventing Pipelines

  • 1. The Pipeline is very bad.
  • 2. It can be stopped.
  • 3. If you join us you’ll be glad.

Whatever your skills and availability, you can contribute. || Facebook: PPP-Fights

Previous Project Page:

Planetary Emergency Potluck

On June 7th, 2014 we’ll throw a big party, potluck dinner, alternative and progressive exposition and meeting of as many as we can find of all the people around here whose hearts are in the right place, who are working for a better world, who are hungry for community, and/or who never seem to find the time to just hang with each other. Plus, we’ll solicit proposals for worthwhile projects which need a little funding, charge a modest amount at the door, vote on our favorite proposal at the event, and give the winner(s) the cash.
Indifferent No More!

A brand new theatrical musical production about the political awakening of a group of old friends and new acquaintances. It will be funny, but also serious, even tragic. It’ll be created collaboratively by me and some talented people I already know, and some I don’t know yet.
Climate Comedy

Since government won’t deal with climate change, We’ll have to deal with it ourselves.
We’ll have talk to each other in ways that aren’t horrible or paralyzing. We’ll get real-life comedians and celebrities to donate climate-centered comedy material. Collect it together and give it away to anyone who want to perform it. We’ll make as much noise as possible and repeat as necessary. Plus songs and speeches and cartoons. And coffee mugs and t-shirts.
For current news and vital details visit the Climate Comedy Page
Little House on the Planet

They’re young. They’re middle-aged. They’re living and loving in affluent and non-affluent communities just north of New York City. And they’re trying to do the right thing by the biosphere and their democracy. LHOP is a continuing comedy-drama with a vibrant cast of characters that’s produced as a radio play. (And yes, it will appear on YouTube with still images.)

Web content, press releases, copy writing, videos, speeches, college essay coaching, poetry by commission. I can’t work on all these projects if I’m not earning money – there might be fundraising and kickstarting and grants. But earning money needs to continue and accelerate now. My freelance career is actually going well. I’ve been getting work based on the professional quality of my output. If people who believed in me passed my name along or gave me hot tips for paying writing work, I’d call that a beautiful synergy.
Fiction / Poetry

Along with these other projects, I’m going to continue to write fiction and poetry. In fact, I’m setting a goal to be a member of the Science Fiction Writers of America by June 1st, 2014, which means I’ll have to publish three stories in the list of approved magazines. I’m also going to be writing more poetry, publishing it to my website and trying to publish it. Maybe I’ll even organize a poetry reading in my spare time.
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