Programming Note 1


Nothing stands still. I’m making another new start, which involves a new schedule. I expanded my morning routine by half an hour to include, first thing, a half an hour on a specific creative project. To preserve as much as possible of the work done by my what-have-you, subconscious, while I’ve been asleep. I’m splitting my non-overhead work hours between my freelance writing career and my projects (which you can begin learning about here). And my freelance career is being refocused away from commercial work, like creating content for other people’s websites, and toward writing articles about the things I really care about. And to help me to start getting paid for that, I’m going to be hiring some help from people who have already done it and are willing to help. I’ve already started making these changes, and it feels good, though it’s definitely a struggle.

And, most visibly so far, I’ve got a new blogging schedule. I’m going to be posting every Wednesday and Friday morning. And since this is Wednesday, my first entry under the new schedule is ready to go: Resistance Diary – Entry 1, available at

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