This Thursday: Help Fill the New Yorkers Against Fracking Bus from White Plains



I got a phone call from the tireless and deeply knowledgeable Forest Cotton, the Hudson Valley Organizer of New Yorkers Against Fracking. He was looking for people to go to Long Island to the New York State Democratic Convention on Thursday May 22nd.

As he puts it:

This is a very important event for Cuomo, and we will be there calling on him to ban fracking and oppose fracking infrastructure.

At the convention, Cuomo will describe his vision for New York’s future — and we must show him the power of our movement demanding a frack-free future.

Make your voice heard!

Make your voice heard!

Forest and all the dedicated people at New Yorkers Against Fracking have laid on a charter bus. And as of the phone call, he’d only filled up three seats. I’m encouraging everyone within the sound of my voice to jet over to the food&waterwatch page (which you can find here) and sign up. For the experienced among you, you know what it’s all about. If you’re new to traveling around New York State to make your voice heard, take it from me, it’s a great experience, and you’ll meet some fantastic people. And all you’ve got to do is show up in White Plains on Thursday at the eminently civilized time of 9:00 AM.

As many of you know, I’ve been talking about, and rallying about, the dangers of fracking for years. It’s destructive, dangerous, it’s ruined people’s lives. It’s no improvement over any other fossil fuel in terms of climate change. And the big money behind it is lying to us about everything, including jobs, money and American energy independence.

This is a chance to help carry the continuing message to Andrew Cuomo that opposition to fracking in New York is deep, broad, well-organized and tenacious. Go ahead and sign up. It’s easy: just click right here.

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