Planetary Emergency! Potluck Will Happen June 7th, 2014


On the evening of Saturday, April 12th May 10th June 7th, 2014 there will be an event hosted in Katonah. That event will be called the Planetary Emergency! Potluck.
What is the event?

It’s a party we’re throwing ourselves. A potluck and a party.

For just one evening nearly everyone (in Westchester) working to deal with the emergencies will come together.

A lot of people (in Westchester) feel like things aren’t going well. Many want to, or might want to, start doing something. They’ll be there too.

Some musicians will stop by and play an appropriate song or two.

All the money collected at the door will be given away that night to the project we give the most votes to.

Why is the event?

Because dealing with planetary emergencies is hard work, emotionally and in every other way, the people doing the work need a night off. And to be celebrated a bit.

Because the more people dealing with planetary emergencies meet each other and cross-pollinate the better things will be for everyone.

Since the emergencies are pretty big lots more people need to pitch in. Some people who haven’t been helping will make connections and start doing their own good work.

Because working together in local communities is vital and this is a first step toward coordinating and strengthening local work.

This event is the first step toward developing a model for this kind of local work that can be copied and customized in other communities.

Because I want to make a contribution to a better world, and want to go against my social anxiety to become the kind of guy who works with others and makes good things happen.

How can I learn more about the event?

For all the details and different ways you can participate, just click this link

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