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I’ve read science fiction since 1972, and my writing career will include writing some. I’m creating a fictional world populated with ongoing characters. I’ll write short stories and get them published. I’ve started to meet some sci-fi people in the Twitterverse.

This is a near future or parallel world. In this world pharmaceuticals can affect specific human traits, for example, Remembrid dramatically increases memory, Empathinol increases compassion, Ruthlessine boosts ruthlessness and HexaCapital increases avarice and competitiveness. These pharmaceuticals are new, and they’re starting to change things. Certain people, for reasons poorly understood, develop, as a side effect, telepathic abilities. A small number of those people telepathically encounter a group of aliens who have been studying earth and occasionally intervening for the last three hundred years. Nearly everyone who is able to perceive the aliens is on the spectrum; it turns out that Asperger’s is the precursor to the next step in human neurological evolution.

graphic design of drugs

Without pharmaceuticals life itself would be ... impossible

Some continuing characters: A detective who runs an agency well-adapted to the pharmaceutically altered society and human-alien relations. A young woman who works on the space station as something like a film editor; she’s on the lookout for the Gilligan Inflection, the point in humanity’s joining the galactic community that occurs when Gilligan’s Island is first dubbed into an extraterrestrial language. There’s a mixed-race Aspie who has become a particular favorite of the aliens. And there’s the alien who runs the telepathically-mediated massively parallel computing apparatus which models human social and historical processes.

Next time it comes up in rotation, I’ll show some of the actual writing. I’m going to be developing this world and writing these stories out in the open – anyone who’s interested can watch them being constructed. And I’m hungry for input, suggestions, participation. So please, talk to me.

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