Our Better Future #3 — Fund-Raising and Awareness Campaign Launched


People Get Ready ...

People Get Ready …

In a somewhat breathless announcement today Our Better Future (OBF), the organization supporting progressive transformation and activated citizens in Northern Westchester, unveiled its first-ever crowdsourcing campaign, inviting support from the public for its many projects and initiatives.

Founder Paul Stark provided the following background on OBF, which he referred to as “something new under the sun.”

The fundraising campaign is available here (

All the details about OBF are available here (

The Story

This day has been a long time coming.

Since October 10th, 2010, 10/10/10, 350’s global day of work for climate change – I organized four separate events, including a theatrical afternoon, moving, direct, and suffused with hope. That was more than six years ago.

Or since the Club of Rome, in 1976, when I discovered computer simulations showed infinite human expansion on a finite planet would, inevitably and obviously, lead to difficulties. That was more than 40 years ago.

Like sharks trying to bite the giant peach, we’re confronted with questions so big we can’t bite into them. Enormous forces are in motion. We are so little, each with our singular circumscribed lives, and the forces are so big.

What to do, why to do it? Today I’m announcing my answer. Since I’m not so different from anyone else, at least around here; since I’m living on the same planet subject to the same enormous forces as anyone else, I’m confident my answer will be part of other people’s answers. Maybe yours.

It’s got, as they say, moving parts. Simply: it makes sense to engage the world, to work hard for transformation, to act from sane and human-sized values. And, as should have been obvious all along: we’re on our own. No institutions or leaders will provide guidance or structure to support the creation of our so-obviously-required new world, our so-obviously-required better future.

Raising Money

For the last six years I’ve worked for free. Now I’m raising money so I can get paid, and I’m asking for help. And I’m hiring five part-time project coordinators.

There are people who know me, my work, and my intentions. For three months OBF will be financed through individual donations. During April, and May, and June OBF will arrange money from other sources and be self-sufficient by July 1st.


Our Better Future supports citizen engagement and resilient community in Northern Westchester. We believe in the work of transformation. We run projects, host events, write, create journalism, and performance, and promote similar work done by others.

We bring together groups and individuals of differing identities. We provide life-changing experiences to young people and interns.

We’ll find meaningful work for anyone with an impulse to work for transformation. We exist to deploy Northern Westchester’s enormous talents and resources to help save the world.

Success here will be replicated in other communities across the country.

Progressives, activists, radicals, and other hotheads need the broad support of a community of citizens. Not everyone is ready to derail her or his life to join an all-consuming struggle.


It was already an emergency – between ruining the biosphere, selling off our democracy, and the biggest wealth gap since four minutes before 1929’s collapse into the Great Depression – so the sudden all-too-obvious lurch toward American Fascism is a vertigo-inducing surrealistic awfulness that’s almost too much to comprehend.


New projects underway during the campaign period. Including Events in three Northern Westchester communities marking the 50 anniversary of Martin Luther King’s fiercely truthful speech “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break The Silence” (April 30) (, and from The Ossining Documentary & Discussion Series ( A Fierce Green Fire (April 20) (, and 13th (July 20) (

Projects include: Little House on the Planet, a podcast that tells the intertwined stories of young and older people pursuing progressive and radical goals. ( This Day in Civil Rights, an online database designed, run, promoted, and funded by young people. ( There’s also Pro Bono PR, ( Pray for All of Us, Art for Activism, Northern Westchester Monthly, Climate Comedy, ( and Our Friendly Town. (

Link to CV
Here’s some of what Paul Stark and OBF’s ancestors have been doing for the last six years. (

Yes, You Can Help!
Please visit the campaign page here and seriously consider donating. There’s many kinds of rewards ( Please share and post widely.

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