Our Better Future #2 — Inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr. Day — Again


Pettus Bridge

Pettus Bridge

Three Martin Luther King, Jr. Day’s ago I had an inspiration while attending the special MLK Day service at the Antioch Baptist Church in Bedford Hills. The preacher made the point that Martin Luther King, Jr. wasn’t a solitary hero, toiling away by himself. There were thousands of people: leaders and allies and followers, nearly all of whom have been forgotten by history. But every single person made their own contribution.

I felt the loss of that, that so much suffering and determination and love shouldn’t part of the story we tell ourselves about our country’s relationship to justice.

I decided to create a project called This Day in Civil Rights. Because I don’t want the stories to be forgotten, and I want the next generation to know the fights which have been waged, and they can fight too. I’ve been developing it these last years, and it’s now ready to go out into the world and find its community and destiny.

You can find out about the TDICR project here (

You can find out about Our Better Future, the organization I’m running to facilitate this project and a bunch of other projects here (

You can learn an amazing story about a contribution that hasn’t been forgotten, about how a whole lot of baked goods supported the Bus Boycott, here (

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