Making it Happen: Eating Together for a Better Tomorrow.



Every other week some people will eat good, healthy food together in a place.


Every other week
[on Wednesdays?]
some people
[a core group plus different one-time or occasional visitors each time]
will eat good, healthy
[organic, local?]
food together in a place.
[the same place each time, a free place, with air conditioning, with a kitchen?]

Because I really liked the way the Planetary Emergency! Potluck came out. (Curious? It’s here)
Because I’m an ever-stronger believer people in the same room at the same time.
Because any coalition I start begins with people being together and talking.
Because I want to learn how to do things like this.
Because I want help people do the same thing in their home towns.

Maybe a potluck. Maybe a rotating cooking staff: make a big pot of vegetarian something. Maybe chilled summer soups.

Maybe a little presentation, Q & A. Or two, five minutes each.

People. From around these parts. Different shades of green people. Local food, Local farms, food hub, organic, anti-GMO people. Reform local government people, stop fracking (and pipelines and infrastructure) people. Water, pollution, social justice people. Climate change people.


Differently: Make the process visible, transparent. Design it, then build it.

Set it up as an experiment. In organizing. In social media. In community building.

Let people follow along. Get advice. Go around to advertising shops, PR, put it out as a problem, see what solutions come in. Put stuff out to my tribe saying how it’s going.

We’re going to design it as a kit. So other people can do it even with no budget and little experience and not many skills.

It’s about what it’s about: eating together every other week. And it’s about the process of making it happen.

So. I’m pulling together a team, ad-hoc, temporary, informal, single-use and purpose-built. I’d love for you, dear reader, to a part of that team.

And I know how to take the first step (this one) and the next steps: Add a Meetup meeting (which you can see here). Create a Facebook Event (that’s here) and a #hashtag (over here).

It’s a good bet no one else would organize this event like this. I’m an eccentric guy, and I’m declaring this an eccentric approach. Go weird or go home. And like all eccentric projects, the internal logic is clear to me.

I hope you’re part of the process of making it happen. Even if you’re not, I hope to see you at the first evening put together by Eating Together for a Better Tomorrow.

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