Don’t Blame It! Reframe It!


In case you haven’t signed up for the Planetary Emergency! Potluck, you can do it now by clicking here.

The balls go where you throw them

I’ve been working on the Planetary Emergency! Potluck for months. It’s not going according to plan. I didn’t do things I knew I had to do when I knew I had to do them. And that caused effects. The aphorism for that is: “The trouble with juggling is that the balls go where you throw them.”

For all the response I’m not getting, I’m getting the help I need.

Roni Weiss generously met me for lunch. He said, “You’re fine, you’re not failing. Reframe. You just need to redefine what success means.” (He likes to help passionate people do what they’re trying to do. And if you’re interested in events or social media in the travel industry, he’s your guy. Web here, Twitter here.)

My scant hold on emotional equilibrium comes from reading books from @thisissethsblog and @chrisbrogan and talking to my friends at Tracking Wonder (hi @jeffreydavis108, hi Mary ) – It’s not time to get bummed out. Work harder for longer and fail more spectacularly and then we’ll talk about why getting bummed out won’t help anyway.

Oh, okay.

Even in the but-I’m-doing-good-things-to-save-the-world space, people are interested in value propositions, people want to hear a story they like.

I can reframe it. As Tracking Wonder puts it, I can replace fear (I’m going to look like a failure and a fool) with curiosity (I wonder what I can do this week to create an event I’ll like and respect.)

Here’s the story I think you’ll like:

I am going to encourage and support groups and individuals working for transformation in Northern Westchester.

I want them to meet and talk to each other. I am going to do things for them. I am going to organize other people to do things for them. The impulse to change the world is our species’ most precious resource. Some people learn it’s hard to put that impulse into action. The world would prefer to be left alone. Someone should make it easier and more efficient. And hey, I’m someone.

Someone should organize a pool of vendors and service providers who will do quality work, subsidized, at a discount, or for free.

Everyone should be two clicks away from connecting with the people doing the actual work, learn their next chance to protest fracking or go to the benefit concert. Two clicks away from giving $5 a month and having it distributed the way they prefer. Or more.

I am going to get all that going on.

I’m actually surprisingly well-qualified to do it (I’ll tell you later)

The Planetary Emergency! Potluck is now the first meeting of transformation-minded people who want that support. And the people who love them. We’ll get it going on together.

This headline comes from the reframing:

Calling all
passionate workers for a better world
and the people who love them …

[There’s a flyer. You can download the flyer and print it and post it all over the place. Click here.]

There’s a big future to this. (One hint: Northern Albuquerque for a Better Tomorrow.)

I’m learning the hard way, but I’m learning pretty fast. I hope everyone who reads this comes to the Potluck. I hope they invite the friends who would be the perfect people to join in. I am going to start this on Saturday night. I hope you’re there for me to start it with.

In case you haven’t signed up for the Planetary Emergency! Potluck, you can do it now by clicking here.

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