My Peekskill — # 22 The Guardians of our Only Earth Offer a Better Future and Free Ice Cream! Show Up!


Show up Wednesday April 20th (Tomorrow! Today!) at 7:00 PM at the Black Cow in Croton. There will be free Blue Pig ice cream. And refreshments.

The Facebook Event is here. Invite the young people you know. Invite people you know who know young people. Up in the upper right, under the big picture, click the Invite button with the little envelope. Let’s get at least 500 people invited by lunch time.

Making a difference -- and you can too!

Making a difference — and you can too!

If you’re between 13 and 20 you’re hurtling toward a future created by choices you didn’t make.

You probably wish a different future were coming. So do I. I’ve been thinking about it a long time, and I still sometimes find it hard to think about.

Some of you are going to find a way to accept the future that’s on its way, embrace it, and start working for a future that’s as healthy, just, and intelligent as possible.

Terrible, idiotic, destructive choices have been made. And continue to be made.

Kelsey's been working.

Kelsey’s been working.

Some people are already working hard to create the best possible future and to start making, and demanding, much better choices.

Earth Guardians believe that this work will be done by people working together in the own home towns – and led by people who are now between 12 and 20. Earth Guardians believe grownups of today are legally required to protect the biosphere for the young and the unborn and have gone to court to demand it. And they’re winning.

And Earth Guardians believe that it is right for grownups – with their skills and resources and connections and money – to help the people doing this work as much as we can. A lot of these grownups, some of them pretty famous and a lot of them not, are already working hard – and there’s a lot more coming.

Meet some of the people already on the job. Be there when the local crews get started. You’ve got no choice but to live in the future – So start making history now.

Young People! Go out on your “InstaChats” and Reddits and tell people to show up. Grownups, tell people between 12 and 20 to show up. You can show up too.

I met some of the Earth Guardians in RYSE (Rising Youth For A Sustainable Earth) two weekends ago and was really impressed. I wrote about it here.

Lisa Moir organized the event and owns the Blue Pig. That's her daughter. She'll be there.

Lisa Moir organized the event and owns the Blue Pig. That’s her with her daughter. They’ll both be there.

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