My Peekskill — # 18 – Feels Good to Help

esp winterI like transformation. I like thinking about it. I like liking it. I like working for it. Transform the system and its consequences will cease. At least some of them.

I don’t much get involved with symptoms. Christmas Eve 2012 my son Michael and I took food to people displaced by Superstorm Sandy. But usually I try to point out how the world is, and engage people who might work for a Better Tomorrow.

People often need something today, not some hypothetical better tomorrow. Westchester County is one of the wealthiest places on the planet.

Something’s profoundly messed up with a system where people could freeze to death on our streets. More than 10 years ago, a handful of faith leaders realized no one was going to do anything about cold and hungry people spending the winters on our streets. The Emergency Shelter Partnership began its work. A team of faith communities now takes turns opening their doors for a week to as many as 30 homeless people, providing shelter and three meals a day. That’s meeting a real need. Most of our guests work hard the rest of the year, but when yard work and landscaping stops for the winter, so does their pay.

I want you to consider donating 10, 25, even 50 dollars toward the $250 we need to feed them twice next week with full dinners from generous restaurants. You can do that at here: (

Katonah United Methodist is taking their very first turn as a host community. I’m helping. I’ve recruited two restaurants to provide full dinners at a deep discount. A very deep thank you to Peekskill’s own beloved Ruben’s Café, and to Peppino’s in Katonah.

That’s it. Thanks for your time.

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