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Beyond Vietnam: A Time To Break Silence

Beyond Vietnam: A Time To Break Silence

Our Better Future (here ( recently hosted the first annual “Celebrate MLK’s Beyond Vietnam & Gather Our Tribe” (here (, and has been producing the podcast Little House on the Planet (LHOP) (here ( since the beginning of the year.

LHOP tells stories of activated citizens in a lightly fictional Northern Westchester. Many of the good things depicted in the podcast can happen in real life – with some effort, ingenuity, luck, and a receptive population. I have faith that some ideas actually will.

Little House

Little House

Vanessa Agudelo reads MLK, photo: Alan Haywood

Vanessa Agudelo celebrates MLK. Photo: Alan Haywood

And sometimes good things in real life can be included in the LHOP universe, and the MLK event was a perfect example. Every episode of LHOP contains an excerpt from the Chris in the Morning internet radio show. One of the talented podcast performers could have reported on the event and interviewed the participants.

To enjoy all the Little House posts, visit here (

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