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  • [if you don’t know what LHOP is, or who “Nationwide” Ned and Lucille are, look at the end of the post – it’s all explained!]

Look at the DemEntors!

Look at the DemEntors!

A scene between “Nationwide” Ned and Lucille, Hostess with a heart of gold. He’s early for the weekly Solidarity Salon.

(Crowd sounds, band doing sound check)

Nationwide Ned: Lucille, Lucille, sucking on a lemon peel!

Lucille: Are you making fun?

NED: Of your poetess with a heart of gold schtick? Yes, yes I am.

Lucille: Want a hard cider?

NED: How hard? Yes.

LUCILLE: You look like you’ve been through it and back.

NED: I just got back from Voice of the People.

LUCILLE: I heard you were going.

NED: Well I did, and boy oh boy.

LUCILLE: Is there hope for the Republic?

NED: First of all, I kind of get Kansas City is non-elite and all, but climate change or whatever, it was miserable hot. Second, schism, schismatics played bass for Plasmatics.

LUCILLE: Did you all have a Kum Ba Won’t moment?

NED: What wasn’t? The Green Party hates the socialists, the DemExits hate the DemEnters, the Hillarybots and BernieBros will savage each other long after the Apocalypse, and everyone’s like your praxis ain’t nothin’ at all.

LUCILLE: That last was a little esoteric.

NED: Really, I’ve had it. I don’t even care anymore. Praxis Schmaxis, who’s fooling who?

LUCILLE: You’re depressed.

NED: Very astute. Though I got a pretty big laugh with “Hermoine, look out! Those aren’t DemExit’s! They’re DemEnters!” And were there any non-depressing developments here?

LUCILLE: Remember how we used to complain that we’d put up 75 flyers and be lucky to get three people at the Solidarity Salon? Well, last week we got 20.

NED: 20, wow. Now we can have a banner after all.

LUCILLE: Well, it’s a quality 20. And trending. Plus, I took your advice and booked the Resistance Quartet.

NED: Barbershop is the vanguard of the Revolution.

Gulf War Song - Moxy Früvous

Gulf War Song – Moxy Früvous

LUCILLE: And I got them to learn that song you wanted?

NED: The Gulf War Song? What a fricking heartbreaking song. But, you know, it’s such a Why We Fight anthem.

LUCILLE: Greg, can you guys do the song for Ned?

Greg: Check check. Yeah. Guys …

(Quartet sings the haunting Gulf War Song, which can be heard here (

# # #

What it’s all about: LHOP tells stories of characters working for transformation in a place slightly more amenable to change than Northern Westchester. It’s a radio serial podcast.

Many characters are based on real people already working here. All are created, written, and performed by a team, often including the model for the character.

And yes, you can play too. And yes, there are lots of different ways to participate. And yes, we’re going to have real advertisers and generate real revenue.

Every episode includes the “Chris in the Morning” radio show featuring a phone interview with an actual famous transformation worker (Michael Moore! Eve Ensler! Adam McKay!)

Learn more here ( and here (

“Nationwide” Ned is a grassroots organizer finding his way. One of his projects includes Reality 101 – at a regular time and place a couple people show up with a two-minute video, free coffee, and just the facts on Climate Change! Income Inequality! A program he’s already got up and running locally and is working to deploy – wait for it – nationwide. Lucille, the hostess with a heart of gold, a poet and therapist, runs a coffee shop that hosts a weekly Solidarity Café – a gathering of activists, with music, poetry – everything but a bongo, and sometimes there even is a bongo.

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