I Cover Northern Westchester Progressives and Activists — # 8 – Sing for the Silenced


Don't say a word

Don’t say a word

sing for silencedJust a quick note about my coffee with Marc Black (FB) today. He’s a musician who’s been fighting the good fight for years. He filled me in on the latest for his July 19th Sing for the Silenced Bus Tour (check it out here). He performed his song “Sing for the Silenced” last summer at my Planetary Emergency Potluck and at Clearwater. His uncompromising song brings attention to one of fracking’s many harms, one that hasn’t received much attention — people who sign non-disclosure agreements that prevent them from speaking about how fracking has affected them and their families. Some agreements even mandate lifetime communication bans on the children of such families. Marc sings and speaks movingly about this dirty little secret of the fracking business. He says these agreements are anti-democratic and un-American. And he’s right. He’s hopeful they’ll be declared unenforceable in recognition of the public’s right to know about the dangers of extreme energy extraction.

Vera Scroggins

Vera Scroggins

The artist currently known as Asha

The artist currently known as Asha

The “Sing for the Silenced” Bus Tour will take place in Pennsylvania fracking country. There’ll be a rally and concert featuring a number of New York performers, possibly a puppet show, and a tour of fracking sites led by the incomparable Vera Scroggins (FB) (assuming she’s not in jail). Vera was recently drawn by the talented and impossible-to-silence Asha Canalos.

I’m going to be writing about Marc and the Tour. If you have a connection with someone who might be interested in publishing a compelling and meaty article about this, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Some very talented and devoted people are working on the Tour. I’ve written about (here) Angela Monti Fox (FB), who I first met at a Minisink march in 2012. Fred Gillen Jr. (FB), a singer-songwriter much beloved here in his native Peekskill, is scheduled to perform. The Earth Tones, nine lovely voices singing from the right side of history, are also planning to be on the bus.

It would definitely be intelligent and appropriate to participate or support the Sing for the Silenced Bus Tour in any way you can think of.

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