I Cover Northern Westchester Progressives and Activists — # 2 – White Plains Global Frackdown


Rare photograph of the Hudson River Goddess, Dr Susan Rubin as Hilary Clinton and Kevin G. O'Neill together again for the first time

Rare photograph of the Hudson River Goddess, Dr Susan Rubin as Hilary Clinton and Kevin G. O’Neill together again for the first time

On Saturday 150 engaged citizens, not afraid of getting rained on, marched to the steps of City Hall in White Plains. The march was one of hundreds of Global Frackdown events, more than one of them in Westchester.

Three people who attended Northern Westchester for a Better Tomorrow’s first event, the Planetary Emergency Potluck were there fighting, as always, the good fight:

Kevin O’Neill, as always, upbeat, well-prepared and enthusiastic. He recommends using the hashtag #FrackingMonstrosity liberally

Michelle Solomon, won’t stop fighting the good fight in Rockland County, even if it feels overwhelming sometimes

Pramila Malick Well-known to my loyal readers as one of the indefatigable forces behind Stop Minisink. She was one of three speakers and was as eloquent and passionate as we’ve come to expect.

Also on hand:

Zephyr Teachout

Zephyr Teachout

Zephyr Teachout. That a hardly-funded democrat grassroots challenger could take 34% of the Democratic primary vote from a sitting governor with two generations of the Cuomo political machine behind him is nothing short of amazing. Her speech was inspiring and hard-hitting and she’s got pitch-perfect retail politics instincts.

Jack Miller
, recent college grad and newest NYAF (New Yorkers Against Fracking) organizer and a rising star with all the right instincts

Dr Susan Rubin, wearing her Hilary Clinton mask and a sign reading “Sick and Tired of Pro-Fracking Democrats” was, unsurprisingly, in one of her feisty moods. She’s blowing a civil disobedience horn and people are beginning to heed the call.

It was good to catch up with Ellen Weininger who was in her usual good spirits keeping Grassroots Environmental Education‘s finger on this pulse among so very many others.

The Hudson River Goddess was there lending supernatural support. She’s beautiful and brilliant and I hope she’s just the first of a whole army of Westchester puppets and props, and many thanks to the The People’s Puppets of Occupy Wall Street. She definitely needs to have some social media presence, and soon. She’d garner a huge following immediately, watch and see if she doesn’t.

It was good to see Vitalah Gayle Simon and Susan Rutman doing another day’s worth of the work they’ve been doing for years.

Mayor Tom Roach we were so excited when we heard you would be speaking. And so disappointed to hear about your “last minute scheduling conflict.”

And there were lots of people there I didn’t now and didn’t get a chance to talk to. Concerned Families of Westchester was there. Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion (SAPE) was there. So many people, some of them organized into a number of groups, are fighting for a frack-free New York as well as for so many other causes worth fighting for. It seems like some centralized clearinghouse, a headquarters for the movement of Westchester movements would be a perfect thing to come into existence about now. And, in fact, that’s just what Northern Westchester for a Better Tomorrow has in mind.

3 comments to I Cover Northern Westchester Progressives and Activists — # 2 – White Plains Global Frackdown

  • Michelle Solomon

    Thank you for covering this. Most people are unaware of the threats looming right in ourown backyard from fracking, gas pipeline expansion, the leaking Indian Point nuclear power plant, barges carrying crude oil on the Hudson to name a few. We need to get the word out!

  • Harry Epstein

    Zephyr gives us hope for the future of politics in America !

  • Lori Krane

    Thanks for covering this. I was there too and am a member of SAPE2016, CFOW, and hang out with Ellen Weininger and Susan Rubin at lots of events. Let’s get the word out and stop the madness!

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