Hi Everyone! #89 — There Should Be Less Cheating …


Political Mentors

Political Mentors

My Mom gave me my early political education: It’s good to sing songs; Be skeptical of what they’re saying; Power doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Here’s a couple Chad Mitchell Trio songs I learned at her knee. They’re catchy and fun and easy to remember even decades later. John Birch Society and What Did You Learn in School Today? (written by Pete Seeger and she would have been so glad to know I eventually sat and talked with him.)



I’ve spent a lifetime verifying and building on her lessons. I got a little older and realized there were Republicans. I thought of them as boosters, bank vice-presidents, Elks. It was good there were people involved who were dedicated to order, making things work, following the rules (yes, the letter and even the spirit). Who passionately believed in being even-handed and practical. Knowing that without that there will be chaos and people will suffer. Does anyone really want Janis Joplin running the Coast Guard?

But those were different Republicans. Republicans who would be ashamed to be caught cheating. Along the way they became Crusaders, battling for self-dealing and for a twisted theology dressed up like an ideology – since God is on our side, our Ends justify any devious Means our sneaky minds can come up with. Maybe it was Roger Ailes who got those balls rolling.

Noam Chomsky: The Republican Party Is the ‘Most Dangerous Organization in World History!’ Outlandish? Well, no. “The party is dedicated to racing as rapidly as possible to destruction of organized human life. There is no historical precedent for such a stand.” Learn more here (

So, now it’s now. As I’m sure you’ve noticed. And all politics is local. Here’s what William Barber says about cheating:

Don’t you understand how afraid they are of our unity? Think about it:

    If, in order to win,

  • they had to lie almost every other ten minutes,
  • they had to find a way to put pornographic sums of money into the electoral pot,
  • they had to spend years pushing voter suppression,
  • they had to use fear against Muslims, against immigrants,
  • they had to be helped by the media that played too long with Trump,
  • and they had to go all the way over to Russia to get help …

We are not weak. Somebody fears our unity.

People only cheat you
when they can’t beat you

in a fair fight.

We’re stronger than we realize and it’s our time to stand up and be the moral dissenters, the moral defibrillators, and the moral dreamers and to make it through this moment and use it to change the course of history, to change America. And, if we work together, to change the world.

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