Hi Everyone! #87 — An Engine for Transformation

Fight Today!

Fight Today!

I believe in Northern Westchester. I do. There aren’t many places on the planet where the qualities needed for transformation are found in such abundance: material security, education, health, skills, experience, connections, emotional intelligence.

There’s a lot of people whose hearts are in the right place. People are feeling the right things. People have generous spirits. People have sufficient compassion and sufficient understanding.

We’ve arrived at a very particular time in our nation’s history, and humanity’s history, the history of planetary life. I believe we in Northern Westchester can come into our own. I believe we can marshal ourselves to make a significant difference, to be an incubator and testbed of initiatives for civic engagement, progressive values, transformation, and experiments in community resilience.

At last count, there’s 294,606 people in Northern Westchester. I believe that 1/400th of a population can have a significant effect in setting the group’s emotional tone and political awareness. That’s 736 people. Between the people I know and the people they know, I’d say we’re already in touch with 500 people who are ready, willing, and able to work for a better tomorrow.

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