Hi Everyone! #86 — Here’s the Good Thing Though

Joanna Macy, Rebecca Solnit, Grace Lee Boggs

Joanna Macy, Rebecca Solnit, Grace Lee Boggs

Here’s the good thing, though. I know it’s all scary and depressing and the neo-liberal criminal and the neo-fascist criminal and everything. But after all these years, I’ve grown weary of the whole “I apologize to the world for the crimes of my government — cut off his air” worldview. This is an exciting time of new possibilities. Everything is going to change, and even the ways in which things are going to change in dangerous and tragic ways, they’re going to change in ways that increase freedom and occasions for empathy and right action.

Joanna Macy: What an exciting time you’ve chosen to be alive. Rebecca Solnit: Catastrophe brings opportunity for extraordinary new ways for ordinary people to relate and deal with each other and their circumstances. Let those twin understandings be emblazoned across the first two big orange gates we’re going through the get from here to our brand new future. And a third: Grace Lee Boggs: “Visionary organizing. Because the crisis we’re in is really an opportunity. We can change the way it is. And in the devastation that is Detroit’s de-industrialization, there is opportunity to create a new society.”

So, wait and see. There’s release here, and new chances. Wait and see if I don’t get a crowdsourced podcast about the many stories of a newly engaged citizenry made and listened to. Wait and see if I don’t produce four short plays based on the cemetery scene from Our Town with casts drawn from the different racial communities of my new hometown, and get people on stage and butts in seats. Wait and see if I don’t create an umbrella organization that supports people aching to be catalysts for ushering in new ways of dealing with each other in their own communities and get money to make it go and donated tech to make it work. Better yet, don’t wait and see, come and help make some it happen.

There. That’s what I’ve been wanting to say. I feel better now. Thanks for listening. Looking forward to working with some of you.

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